Natalie Anderson is a stealth ‘Survivor’ ninja who is conquering the Edge of Extinction [POLL]

Right now, the returning castaway who has risen to every challenge facing her so far on “Survivor: Winners at War” is Natalie Anderson (see above), the first player to be banished to the Edge of Extinction. When the member of the blue Sele tribe first arrived on the then-deserted isle, she found a hidden immunity idol that was good for three tribal councils at the very tippy-top of a steep mountain path — a testament to her strength, smarts and agility. She sent it to Sandra Diaz-Twine of the blue Dakal tribe, who purchased it with a fire token (a kind of currency this season).

Natalie also showed off  her smarts after she figured out that an advantage was hidden in the island’s water well long after Amber Mariano, the second player to decide to wait out her fate on the Edge of Extinction, walked away from it. Natalie sent it to pal Jeremy Collins on the mainland in exchange for a second fire token.

On episode 3, Natalie, Amber and recent arrival Danni Boatwright all stumbled upon a number puzzle by using clues they found on the beach. While Amber was the first to think of looking for number sequences she saw on the island, Natalie realized that the clues they found were tied with a shell rope necklace with a varied amounts of shells in different groupings. After placing the numbers in the right sequence, Natalie was able to unlock the box and find a third advantage. How good is she? Natalie made sure to destroy the other two necklaces so Amber and Danni wouldn’t know what went down.

On Season 38, when the Edge of Extinction was first introduced, player Rick Devens managed to re-insert himself back into the game after being on the isle for six days straight by winning a re-entry duel. He managed to escape being voted out by winning four immunity challenges and using several hidden idols. Unfortunately, another contestant sent to Extinction, Chris Underwood, spent 26 days on the island but came back into the game on Day 35. He made the wise move of not using his immunity and instead showing he was worthy of the title of Sole Survivor by going besting Rick in a fire-making test and winning.

I am thinking that Natalie has the drive to become the second player sent to Edge of Extinction who not only got back into the game, but won it all. Guess who thinks so, too:

Host Jeff Probst  for one, is happy that Natalie has understood the benefit of collecting fire tokens. As he shared on his video recap of episode 3, “One of the things I love about this episode is Natalie comparing herself to a billionaire, in terms of ‘Survivor,’ because she has a few fire tokens. That is one of the things we really wanted and hoped would come up. Players would start to see the analogies to our society, where you get more money, you do get more power. And Natalie has a very singular mission. She wants back into the game. Same as Danni, same as Amber. But we are really starting to see this economy bloom.”

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