‘Survivor 40’ preview trailer: Betrayed Sarah tells Tony, ‘Do not talk to me ever again’ [WATCH]

It looks like the Cops-R-Us alliance on “Survivor: Winners at War” is about to be put out to pasture. After Tony Vlachos made the bold move to eliminate Sarah Lacina‘s close ally Sophie Clarke in last week’s episode, we see Sarah’s emotional reaction in CBS’s all-new preview trailer for Season 40, Episode 12 (watch above). “You just sunk my game!” Sarah tells Tony when they get back to camp. She then hisses, “I’m done! Do not talk to me ever again.” Can Tony find a way to reel in his cop buddy, or is the Sophie blindside the last move he’ll make?

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Tony and Sarah first joined together in “Survivor: Cagayan” thanks to their shared backgrounds of being police officers. Even though Tony helped to vote out Sarah at the merge, she turned around and voted for him to win the $1 million prize as part of the jury. They both returned in “Survivor: Game Changers,” but they started out on separate beaches. Tony was the second person eliminated, while Sarah went on to join the “Survivor” winners list.

In “Survivor: Winners at War” they rekindled their Cops-R-Us partnership early in the game after they were placed on the same Dakal beach. Things were going according to plan until Sarah switched over the Yara tribe and her bond with Sophie intensified. After the merge, Tony saw how close Sarah and Sophie had gotten, so he decided to vote out Sophie as a way of getting Sarah back on his side again.

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Feeling the sting of Sarah’s anger, Tony decides it’s time for “another undercover operation.” In the past Tony has created “spy shacks” as a way of listening to what his fellow castaways were saying about him behind his back, but this time around he’s taken to hiding in a tree, aka a “spy nest.” “I’m not paranoid,” Tony later tells Ben Driebergen. Riiight.

Elsewhere in the preview trailer, Jeremy Collins declares, “This is the part of the war that’s gonna get really ugly.” Just last week he found out that his closest allies, Kim Spradlin-Wolfe and Denise Stapley, had turned on him. Tony was the one who told Jeremy the truth, and together with Michele Fitzgerald and Nick Wilson they all sent Sophie to the Edge of Extinction. Will Jeremy be able to forgive the girls for trying to eliminate him? We’ll find out when “Survivor” airs Wednesday, April 29.

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