12 ‘Survivor’ first boots we desperately need to see play again, including Reem Daly, Nadiya Anderson …

Survivor” players know that only one person can win the game, but it always stings to be the first one eliminated. The pain of being booted first from your season has to be a difficult one to get over, especially for those who really wanted to play the game. First boots are often targeted because of age or challenge performance or etiquette around camp and it’s sad to see people’s torch be snuffed after only three days on the island. Some early boots make such an impression, however, that they are remembered even today. Above you can scroll through our ranked gallery of memorable first boots we hope get another chance to play “Survivor” again.

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The first people voted out of each season typically have outsized personalities and are naturally booted because they don’t fit in with their tribe. Such examples include: Debb Eaton (“The Australian Outback”), Steve “Chicken” Morris (“China”), Wendy Jo DeSmidt-Kohlhoff (“Nicaragua”) and Reem Daly (“Edge of Extinction”). Some first boots played way too hard out of the gate, like Marisa Calihan (“Samoa”) and Zane Knight (“Philippines”), and were punished for it.

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In two instances, a first boot didn’t even attend a Tribal Council before being taken out of the game. Kourtney Moon (“One World”) and Pat Cusack (“David vs. Goliath”) were both injured either during or after the first Immunity Challenge of their respective seasons and had to be medically evacuated from the game. Then there is the patron saint of first boots, Francesca Hogi, who did the impossible by becoming the first and only person eliminated from the game first in two different seasons. Perhaps the most fascinating case among those booted first is Nadiya Anderson, whose twin sister Natalie would go on to win “San Juan del Sur” and compete in “Winners at War.” Could Nadiya match her sister’s victory in another season?

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