Just 36% agree with ‘Survivor’ host Jeff Probst that ‘Winners at War’ was the best season ever [POLL RESULTS]

Three weeks ago, “Survivor” host Jeff Probst dubbed the just-ended “Winners at War” as “The G.S.O.S.O.A.T.” — in other words, “The greatest season of ‘Survivor’ of all time.” What with 20 former champs competing against one another, he told Entertainment Weekly, “They are absolutely killing it. Game-play at a level we have never seen before.”

But after the finale last Wednesday when Tony Vlachos was crowned as the Sole Survivor, we asked whether you agreed with Jeff that Season 40 — aka “the season on steroids” — was the ultimate in outwitting, outplaying and outlasting as the reality competition’s longtime motto states.

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In our poll, however, just 36% agreed while saying that most of the 20 returning players lived up to their reputations as past winners of the show.

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Another 14% said the season wasn’t perfect, pinpointing the chaotic Tribal Councils where the show had to add captions as multiple groups whispered and chattered amongst themselves before voting. But they did admit that it was enjoyable to watch these masters of the game to go after one another.

However, 32% said the season was OK but they were disappointed that the old-school players and fan faves like Ethan Zohn, Amber Mariano, Boston Rob Mariano, Parvati Shallow and Sandra Diaz-Twine were cruelly taken down one by one by the winners of the more recent seasons. At least Tyson Apostol got to go back into the game from the Edge of Extinction but then was voted out again seven episodes later. And Natalie Anderson was able return the Edge and compete to the very end before losing to Tony and becoming the runner-up.

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Speaking of the Edge of Extinction, 11% were peeved that the desolate island took too much focus off the main portion of the game. Then again, 3% of the viewers were captivated by the relationship between squirrelly Tony and Sarah Lacina — otherwise known as ‘Cops ‘R’ Us’.

A few of the poll takers shared their thoughts as well in the comments as well:

Cindy B: “I loved this season. It was great seeing past winners compete. I’m not sure it was THE best, but it was sure ONE of the best. I think they should do one with all the runner-ups.

John Nicholson: “I thought Season 2, Australia, was the best. It featured real survivors.”

Penny Anstey: “I have watched every season of ‘Survivor’ from the very beginning and am a huge fan. This was the best ‘Survivor’ ever from Rob and Amber’s love for one another to Parvati growing into a gentle loving wife and mom , Ben & Tyson’s obvious love for their families and the love shown between Tony and Sarah, the gratitude from those on Extinction Island when they were allowed to see their families, the love and respect shown at final tribal council for the final three and everyone’s obvious love for Jeff . This could not have happened at a better time , when the world is being prevented from hugging and connecting on a very human level. It gave us all hope and faith in the human heart to heal in adversity . Thank you so much.”

Derek: “All Stars is still the best season ever in my eyes. South Pacific and Fans vs Favorites are up there too. I would have much preferred another All Stars season so we could have had more deserving players in the mix and the legends would have had a chance to win the title. I’m not interested in seeing a newbie win ( Tony is an exception and exceptional, but generally speaking ) and even amongst the winners they didn’t pick right. I’ve heard all the reasons from Jeff and the producers, but you can’t have an all-winners season without Hatch and many of the old school winners were superior choices to the newbies they picked ( Earl, Tom, JT, etc. ). An All Stars season would have been an excuse to bring back a lot of the people robbed of the title and until I see Ozzy vs. Joe in a pole challenge my Survivor bucket list will remain incomplete.”

Jeff did verbally tease a Season 41 will somehow take place this fall despite the coronavirus pandemic and gave a call-out to teenagers to apply, suggesting an all-adolescent version might be in the making. Are you looking forward to seeing that game plan play out? Tell us what you think in the comments.

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