When it comes to this ‘Survivor’ record, Boston Rob is truly King — Sorry, Tony!

Even though Tony Vlachos won the $2 million prize in the finale of “Survivor: Winners at War,” many superfans are hesitant to call him the King. Instead, there’s a passionate group who much prefer that title to be given to “old school” player Rob Mariano, as he’s cumulatively spent more time on the island than anybody else. Besides Boston Rob, who are the other “Survivor” castaways who’ve played the most days? You may be surprised! Tour our photos above that detail the show’s 19 longest-running cast members.

Because of Tony’s poor showing in “Survivor: Game Changers,” in which he was voted out on Day 6, Tony places near the bottom of the list, just ahead of “The Australian Outback” champion Tina Wesson. Tina’s career total is 83 days (42 in “Australia,” 3 in “All-Stars,” 38 in “Blood vs. Water”). And Tony’s number is a notch up at 84 days (39 in “Cagayan,” 6 in “Game Changers,” 39 in “Winners at War”).

Boston Rob’s numbers make both Tina and Tony look like “Survivor” amateurs. Not counting the time he was a mentor alongside Sandra Diaz-Twine in “Island of the Idols,” the Godfather is now at 152 days played after the recent 40th season (21 in “Marquesas,” 39 in “All-Stars,” 18 in “Heroes vs. Villains,” 39 in “Redemption Island,” 35 in “Winners at War”). Sure, Rob spent a lot of time on the Edge of Extinction after being voted out of “Winners at War,” but those days still count on his official “Survivor” attendance record.

Next in line behind Rob is Parvati Shallow, another fan-fave whose time was cut short in Season 40 but who was still given the chance to actively play the game on the Edge. She now tallies in at 149 total days (36 in “Cook Islands,” 39 in “Micronesia,” 39 in “Heroes vs. Villains,” 35 in “Winners at War”)

Rounding out the Top 5 are Ozzy Lusth at 128 days, Cirie Fields at 121 days and Tyson Apostol at 116 days. Yes, Queen Sandra also makes our list, but because she voluntarily quit “Winners at War” on Day 16 by raising the white mast, her numbers aren’t as impressive as some of her co-stars. Get all of the details in our photo gallery above.

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