‘Survivor’ most idols found: Russell Hantz, Kelley Wentworth, Tony Vlachos …

Hidden Immunity Idols have been a “Survivor” staple since Season 11, “Guatemala,” when Gary Hogeboom found the elusive token. Since then, idols are being used on a much more strategic level, with some finders even playing it on other people in the game. It is an added layer to the game that continues to make players even more paranoid than they already were, fearful of being blindsided by the finder. But who’s found the most idols on “Survivor”? Scroll down for the updated list.

Some “Survivor” contestants are dangerously good at finding idols. Once you find one, it generally becomes easier to know what to look for. Players like Russell Hantz, Tony Vlachos, Tai Trang, Rick Devens and Kelley Wentworth have all attained multiple idols in the same season. Not everyone plays their idol correctly, and some infamously fail to play them at the right time, resulting in their elimination. Only a handful of “Survivor” players have found three or more idols in a single season and gone on to win the game. Hence, as useful as idols may be, they also make you a very obvious target and don’t always guarantee success.

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Here are the nine players who have found three or more idols in their “Survivor” careers:

Kellee Kim (3)

In just eight episodes, Kelley managed to find three hidden immunity idols on “Survivor: Island of the Idols.” She earned her first while on the Island of the Idols, playing it successfully for an ally, then finding two leading up to the merge vote, where she was blindsided with both idols in her pocket.

Kelley Wentworth (3)

Failing to find an idol during her short run on “Survivor: San Juan del Sur,” her return in “Survivor: Cambodia – Second Chance” proved very successful. She stealthily found an idol at a challenge, which she would later use to blindside Andrew Savage, then another, using it to save herself at the Final 6. She found her third idol in “Survivor: Edge of Extinction” but got voted out without playing it.

Natalie Anderson (3)

Natalie successfully played all three of her idols found between her two seasons. In “Survivor: San Juan del Sur,” she used it to blindside Baylor Wilson at the Final 5, and in “Survivor: Winners at War,” her time spent on Extinction allowed her to get two idols, which she played at the Final 6 and Final 5 Tribal Councils.

Malcolm Freberg (3)

Malcolm found an idol in “Survivor: Philippines” but did not need to use it. His idol moment came in “Survivor: Caramoan,” where he found two idols and played them both in the same Tribal Council, which eliminated Phillip Sheppard.

Tony Vlachos (4)

Tony found three idols during his time on “Survivor: Cagayan,” playing one at the merge and another at the Final 5, while the third, a Super Idol was unplayed. He attained another idol in “Survivor: Winners at War” and played it without any votes being cast against him at the Final 6.

Rick Devens (4)

In “Survivor: Edge of Extinction,” Rick was voted out, sent to the Island of Extinction and rewarded an idol for winning his way back in. He later found three more idols, which he successfully used to negate votes against him at the Final 8 and Final 6 and gave to Gavin Whitson at the Final 5 due to Rick already having Immunity.

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Ben Driebergen (4)

Ben found three Hidden Immunity Idols in “Survivor: Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers,” playing them at the last three Tribal Councils to protect himself until the Final 4. He found another in “Survivor: Winners at War,” which he played at the Final 6.

Tai Trang (4)

Tai found an idol early in “Survivor: Kaoh Rong” which could have been used to combine into a Super Idol, but elected not to do so at a crucial moment in the post-merge. In “Survivor: Game Changers,” he found another idol and used it at the iconic Tribal in which Malcolm was voted out. He found two more idols before the merge which he used for himself and Aubry Bracco at the Final 6.

Russell Hantz (5)

Russell is the all-time leader in idol finds, attaining three in “Survivor: Samoa” and two in “Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains.” The only time he successfully saved himself with an idol was at the Final 11 in “Samoa,” but his reputation of finding idols without clues has persisted as a benchmark for idol use in “Survivor.”

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