‘Survivor’ predictions: Ben Driebergen or Jeremy Collins will be booted in 2-hour episode, according to our odds

It’s down to the wire on “Survivor: Winners at War” as we prepare for this week’s special two-hour penultimate episode. Heading into the Final Seven, several castaways are skating on thin ice for varying reasons, especially big threats like Tony Vlachos, Jeremy Collins and Sarah Lacina. Some fans are even thinking Ben Driebergen‘s time will finally come.

Ben has the highest chance of being voted out in Wednesday’s two-hour episode, according to Gold Derby odds. The “Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers” winner has 6/5 odds of going to the Edge of Extinction. Ben has been playing dangerously in the post-merge, earning the ire of Jeremy and ratting out plans to Tony. It’s possible if Tony wins another Immunity or protects himself with an idol that Ben could become a backup target. Then there’s Jeremy, who is very close with 14/5 odds of getting the boot. Jeremy has become a default target over the last few weeks so it won’t exactly be a surprise if he fails to make it to the finale. Presuming this is a double boot episode, it’s looking like Ben and Jeremy, with an outside shot of Denise Stapley or Sarah.

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Looking at winner predictions, Tony has an insurmountable lead over every remaining player, with 29/10 odds of winning the game. Gold Derby users suggest that those who still have a slight chance outside of Tony are Michele Fitzgerald, Sarah, Nick Wilson and Denise. Based on Tony’s substantial edit, it’s difficult to imagine anyone else overtaking him, though we said the same thing about Rick Devens in “Edge of Extinction,” only for him to go out in fourth as an Edge returnee came back in and won the game. It’s entirely possible that an Edger could pull off a victory in the end but very few people are betting on it at the moment.

For other predictions in this second-to-last episode of the season, no one is expected to win Reward while some think Tony will win his fourth consecutive Immunity Challenge. Fans also expect an idol will be played at some point in the episode while no one will be medically evacuated or quit the game.

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