‘Survivor’ preview trailer: Ethan desperately wants to ‘get back in the game’ [WATCH]

After winning “Survivor: Africa” and competing in “Survivor: All-Stars,” fan favorite contestant Ethan Zohn had to step away from the game for 16 years because of his cancer diagnosis. Now in remission, Ethan finally returned to the game in “Survivor: Winners at War” … only to be voted out in the third episode. Ethan joined his fellow voted-off castaways at the Edge of Extinction, where he now has a renewed appreciation for the battle ahead. “I want to get back in the game — it’s not out of the question,” he declares in CBS’s latest preview trailer (watch above). Episode 7 of Season 40 airs Wednesday, March 25.

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Ethan was sent packing when his “old school” alliance with Rob Mariano and Parvati Shallow was targeted by the “new schoolers” on the Sele tribe: Jeremy Collins, Ben Driebergen, Michele Fitzgerald, Adam Klein and Denise Stapley. Adam wanted Parvati gone and told Boston Rob about his plan, but when Rob blew up his game the other “new schoolers” ousted Ethan instead.

“I’m not afraid of Edge of Extinction, because I’ve been to the Edge of Extinction having to go through cancer,” Ethan declared after his early elimination. “I think I have the mental strength to get through it.” He then sighed, “I think my alliance with Boston Rob and Parvati didn’t go so well.” Does Ethan have what it takes to get back into the game? We’ll all find out soon enough.

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Elsewhere in the preview trailer, host Jeff Probst gives yet another rousing speech at tribal council: “This is ‘Winners at War.’ You have to form a trust. You have to blindside people. This game’s fantastic!”

We also see quick moments with Wendell Holland and Michele at Sele (he instructs her to make their conversation “very fast) and Kim Spradlin-Wolfe and Denise at Dakal (Kim wants to hatch “a plan” with the new Queen). “There are big targets and you better be watching out,” Denise notes.

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