‘Survivor’ jawdropper: Sandra feels ‘betrayed’ by Boston Rob for not revealing he’d be on ‘Winners at War’

Ladies and gentlemen, we have our first feud of “Survivor” Season 40!

During Wednesday’s retrospective special that set the stage for next week’s premiere of “Survivor: Winners at War,” Sandra Diaz-Twine makes a statement that suggests there’s about to be major drama with her buddy Rob Mariano. “I’m shocked to see Rob and Amber,” she declares after the 20 returning winners come face to face for the first time. “I spent 36 days with Boston Rob on ‘Island of the Idols,’ and Boston Rob never told me that he was playing again. So I definitely feel betrayed.”

Just last season Sandra and Rob served as mentors on “Survivor: Island of the Idols.” They gave tips and advice to the newbies in a sort of “boot camp” atmosphere, with several castaways winning advantages to help them on their journeys. When they departed the game on Day 36, they left clues to a final hidden immunity idol, which Dean Kowalski found. Despite spending so much time together on the island, Sandra apparently feels Rob should have told her about his intentions of joining the Season 40 cast.

If Sandra has her sights set on taking Rob out of the game for this betrayal, she may have to wait until the merge. Indeed, they are starting the game on two separate beaches: she on the red Dakal tribe and he on the blue Sele tribe. However, Rob’s wife Amber Mariano will be camping with Sandra at Dakal, so might she try to get back at Rob by targeting her? The married couple is playing for the first time since they met on “Survivor: All-Stars.” Amber won that season, while Rob prevailed years later on “Survivor: Redemption Island.”

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Sandra is the first-ever two-time winner, prevailing first on “Survivor: Pearl Islands” and later on “Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains.” Thus, she comes into “Winners at War” with a huge target on her back. Will Sandra’s “anybody but me” strategy work out for her yet again, or will her fellow castaways decide to vote her out early to prevent her from winning a third time?

When the 20 returning champs meet up in Fiji, superfan Adam Klein proclaims, “Wow, this is really happening.” We hear you, Adam. Viewers have been clamoring for an all-winners season for years, and now their patience has finally been rewarded after 20 years and 40 seasons. The new cycle premieres Wednesday, February 12 on CBS.

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