Not even close! 62% of ‘Survivor’ fans say Tony Vlachos will pocket the $2 million prize [POLL RESULTS]

Most “Survivor” devotees are betting on Tony Vlachos to claim the title of Sole Survivor on the 40th season of the CBS show, “Winners at War.” The biggest argument made for predicting his ultimate victory on the three-hour finale this Wednesday, May 13? He is the only one of the 20 previous champs competing on this so-called “season on steroids” whose name has never been written down during a Tribal Council. He might be twitchy as an itchy squirrel sometimes, but he has shown off both his leadership skills, his physical prowess and endurance and even his social game.

That is why an overwhelming 62% voted in our Gold Derby poll for Tony to win it all and become just the second winner to win “Survivor” twice since Sandra Diaz-Twine, who left the season early after being blindsided with her own immunity idol and quit once she got to the Edge of Extinction.

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Tied for second place is Natalie Anderson with 13% of the vote. She was the first castaway voted out and managed to crush any challenge both mentally and physically during all her days on the Edge of Extinction. She is also well-liked and admired by other competitors. But, of course, she would have to win the challenge against her other Edge dwellers in order to compete in the game again.

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Also garnering 13% of the vote is the well-liked Michele Fitzgerald, who earned an immunity challenge last week just when she needed it most. Sarah Lacina, meanwhile, who is Tony’s main ally and fellow cop, earned a backing of 7%. Collecting 3% of the vote is sentimental favorite Rob Mariano, who would have to beat Natalie during the get-back-in challenge since he is stuck on the Edge of Extinction as well. Two other players on the limbo land of Edge, Sophie Clarke and Tyson Apostol — the only player who was voted out twice this season — both got 1% in the poll.

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As for which Edge of Extinction resident is most likely to compete again in the game, Natalie is miles ahead with 71% choosing her to return. Next is Tyson and Rob with 9% each. Sophie Clarke and Ethan Zohn both have 3% backing them, followed by Jeremy Collins with 2%. Meanwhile, Nick Wilson, Wendell Holland and Amber Mariano all have 1%.

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