Which ‘Survivor’ twist should be eliminated before new season eventually premieres? [POLL]

Survivor” is taking a break from its traditional schedule of filming two seasons every year due to Covid-19. With Season 41 not scheduled to premiere on CBS until 2021, Jeff Probst and his fellow producers on the long-running reality TV show have extra time to figure out a gameplan for its future. It remains to be seen if these added months of pre-production will result in more or fewer twists for Season 41, but some fans are getting concerned with just how many special twists and advantages there are in the modern era of “Survivor.” Which twist would you want to see eliminated from the show as we move into a new era? Vote in the poll below.

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Hidden Immunity Idols are almost definitely here to stay, as they have been present every season since 2005’s “Survivor: Guatemala.” However, some idols have more power than others, like the Super Idol, which allows the player to use it after the votes are read. “Survivor” watchers have argued that such an idol is overpowered. Super Idols have only shown up in five seasons, perhaps because of just how much of an unfair advantage they provide.

Far more common these days are advantages, like Safety Without Power, giving the wielder the ability to leave Tribal Council before the vote, a Vote Steal, an Idol Nullifier and a 50/50 coin, which has a 50/50 chance of turning into an idol with the flip of the coin. While many of these advantages make the game more challenging and complex, some viewers have found it difficult to keep track of who has what. A new twist for Season 40 was fire tokens. These allowed the players to buy rewards and advantages, such as those mentioned. This added another layer of strategy, as seen throughout “Winners at War,” with players using fire tokens to gain social and strategic capital.

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Two twists that have been heavily criticized in recent years are the Edge of Extinction and mandatory Final Four fire-making. Edge of Extinction was used in “Survivor: Edge of Extinction” and “Survivor: Winners at War,” allowing players voted out of the game to stay on a separate island, waiting for a chance to re-enter the active game. In both seasons, a player voted out early in the game was able to battle their way back in and make it to Final Tribal Council, with one even winning. The Final Four fire-making Tribal Council has been around since Season 35, “Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers,” in which the final Immunity winner selects one person to bring with them to Final Tribal Council while the other two battle it out in a fire-making challenge. This has essentially allowed for the possibility of a player to get to Final Tribal Council without making the social bonds you would traditionally need to make it to that final step.

Which, if any, twists would you like to see get removed from “Survivor” heading into Season 41? Vote here:

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