‘Survivor’ sneak peek video: Can you figure out this Edge of Extinction clue before Boston Rob? [WATCH]

When the sixth episode of “Survivor: Winners at War” airs Wednesday, March 18, the Edge of Extinction inhabitants will receive yet another clue to acquire fire tokens. Four of these voted-out players (Natalie Anderson, Amber Mariano, Danni Boatwright and Ethan Zohn) already have fire tokens from their log challenge, while the other two (Tyson Apostol and Rob Mariano) are hoping to restart their piggy banks. In CBS’s latest sneak peek video (watch above), puzzle master Boston Rob believes he’s uncovered something in the clue that will lead him to the advantage — is he right?

Tyson brings “a log with a note on it” to the deserted islanders, and they immediately worry that they’re going to have to carry all of the logs back up the mountain. “Oh God, not another log challenge,” Amber exclaims. Don’t forget, the last one resulted in Ethan nearly passing out from exhaustion.

This week’s clue reads: “It’s another chance to earn a fire token. There is something hidden on the Edge. The more stones you turn, the more chances for success. Then again, sometimes you’re just in the right place at the right time.”

Danni sighs, “Just start turning over every stone you come across.” The group then begins exploring the island, lifting up every rock in the hopes of uncovering the treasure. Don’t forget — fire tokens can be used to purchase things like advantages, food and comfort, so they’re hot commodities on the island.

“I don’t have a fire token yet,” Tyson explains. “There’s four people here that do, so I need to be the one to find that thing. Especially with Rob here, I didn’t want him to find it.” Currently Natalie has a leading four tokens, while Amber, Danni and Ethan each have one.

Newly reunited married couple Rob and Amber, who initially met during “Survivor: All-Stars,” start heading away from the group and toward the cliff. “That’s where it is, Amber, somewhere on the cliff” Rob declares. What makes him think that? “‘Edge’ has a double meaning,” he proclaims.

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