‘Survivor’ villains ranked: 12 most memorable baddies include ‘Winners at War’s’ Parvati Shallow and Tony Vlachos

As “Winners at War,” the 40th season of the landmark reality competition series “Survivor,” continues to heat up we take a look back at some of the most notorious villains to play the game in its first 20 years (see above). Among our top picks are two champions currently competing for their second win and the $2 million cash prize on Season 40.

Without a doubt the nastiest player in series history is Russell Hantz, a two time runner-up in three seasons that was able to find hidden immunity idols without clues and use psychological warfare against his tribe mates in order to further his own game. In his second outing on “Heroes vs. Villains” he made the final tribal council for the second straight time, but received zero votes to win. All the votes went to “Winners at War” players Sandra Diaz-Twine and Parvati Shallow.

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While Sandra is notorious for being the only (current) double winner in show history, Parvati is the baddie that made our list. She sits at #2 for both her appearance on “Heroes vs. Villains” where she used not one, but two hidden immunity idols at a single tribal council and neither of them for herself. She surprised everyone by securing safety for her entire alliance, turning the tides permanently against the heroes. By that season she was already labeled a villain for her champion run on “Micronesia” where she orchestrated the iconic “Black Widow” alliance of all women, a group that man-ate their way all the way to the end.

On “Winners at War” Parvati is (for now) pitted against our #4 villain, Tony Vlachos, who began the game on the opposing tribe. Tony is famous for his deceptive “spy shack” strategy that he employed to eavesdrop on his “Cagayan” competitors. He returned for “Game Changers” later, but was an early boot due to his reputation for scurrying around camp looking for idols. Luckily he’s learned since then and his trying to play more “heroically” on season 40, but he’s already confessed that he hopes to deceive everyone into trusting him so that he can strike unexpectedly later in the game.

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