‘Dead wrong, El Probesto!’ ‘Survivor’ host Jeff Probst issues a correction about Boston Rob and Natalie’s immunity idols

Each week after an episode of “Survivor” has aired, host Jeff Probst allows Entertainment Weekly to ask him some burning questions about what transpired during the show. Given that this is an extra-special season pitting former winners from the past against each other and that the introduction of fire tokens as a kind of currency to buy advantages, food and comfort has influenced the game, matters can get complicated.

That might be why Jeff himself had to issue a correction after Wednesday’s episode about what he told EW last week. It turns out the immunity idols that Rob Mariano and Natalie Anderson bought with tokens before one of the dwellers on Edge of Extinction would have a chance to get back in the game weren’t voided after Tyson Apostel won the post-merge challenge.

Here is the host’s update on those idols: “Call me quarantine stir-crazy, but I said that the idols on the Edge of Extinction are now dead. That is wrong. Dead wrong, El Probesto. They still have another ‘Get-Back-in-the-Game Challenge,” and if they get back in the game, their idol still works. Send me to Extinction, I deserve it.”

In other news,  the “Survivor” host also explained why there will never be a hidden immunity idol lurking somewhere at tribal council. The reason why he had to confirm that news was that castaway Adam Klein thought that a fleur-de-lis design on front of Jeff’s podium might be an idol. He actually tried to rip it away before the host stopped him. So why aren’t idols lurking in that sacred space?

“For the fear of players destroying tribal council,” he explained. “So in that sense, I would not have let him start to tear down tribal council.” He later added, “To be very clear, we have never hidden an idol or any advantage at tribal because we don’t want players destroying the set.” What is strange this season is that these “Winners at War” rarely look for idols near their camp.

Next Wednesday, get prepared for what Probst promises to be the greatest loved ones visit episode of all time.

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