Here’s how the 2 tribes on ‘Survivor: Winners at War’ are divided for Season 40

When “Survivor: Winners at War” premieres Wednesday, February 12 on CBS, the 20 returning champs will be divided into two tribes: red Dakal (see above) and blue Sele (see below). How the tribe designations might affect the game remains to be seen, but there are several things to note about who ended up on what beach. For starters, married couple Rob Mariano and Amber Mariano have been understandably split up — he’s on Sele, she’s on Dakal. Of course, that still may not matter when it comes to their fellow players seeing the pair as the ultimate threat.

Other tidbits to note about the Season 40 tribe designations:

Remember the epic feud between Sandra Diaz-Twine and Tony Vlachos in “Game Changers”? Well, we’re about to see round two as both champions are on the Dakal tribe.

“Cook Islands” co-stars Parvati Shallow and Yul Kwon won’t be able to watch each other’s backs (at least, not at first) since she’s wearing blue and he’s donning red.

Former “Cops-R-Us” alliance Sarah Lacina and Tony will be reunited on the Dakal beach, but are there any hard feelings since he voted her out in “Cagayan”?

Natalie Anderson and Jeremy Collins first competed together in “San Juan del Sur” where they voted together every single time. Since they’re both wearing Sele buffs, watch for their friendship to be rekindled on day one.

Here’s the complete lineup for the two tribes on “Survivor: Winners at War”:


Tyson Apostol (“Blood vs. Water”)
39, Mesa, Arizona

Sophie Clarke (“South Pacific”)
29, Santa Monica, California

Sandra Diaz-Twine (“Pearl Islands” & “Heroes vs. Villains”)
44, Riverview, Florida

Wendell Holland (“Ghost Island”)
35, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Yul Kwon (“Cook Islands”)
44, Los Altos, California

Sarah Lacina (“Game Changers”)
34, Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Amber Mariano (“All-Stars”)
40, Pensacola, Florida

Kim Spradlin-Wolfe (“One World”)
36, San Antonio, Texas

Tony Vlachos (“Cagayan”)
45, Allendale, New Jersey

Nick Wilson (“David vs. Goliath”)
28, Williamsburg, Kentucky


Natalie Anderson (“San Juan del Sur”)
33, Edgewater, New Jersey

Danni Boatwright (“Guatemala”)
43, Shawnee, Kansas

Jeremy Collins (“Cambodia”)
41, Foxborough, Massachusetts

Ben Driebergen (“Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers”)
36, Boise, Idaho

Michele Fitzgerald (“Kaoh Rong”)
29, Hoboken, New Jersey

Adam Klein (“Millennials vs. Gen X”)
28, Los Angeles, California

Rob Mariano (“Redemption Island”)
43, Pensacola, Florida

Parvati Shallow (“Micronesia”)
36, Los Angeles, California

Denise Stapley (“Philippines”)
48, Marion, Iowa

Ethan Zohn (“Africa”)
45, Hillsborough, New Hampshire


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