‘Survivor: Winners at War’ video recap: What did we think of Season 40 premiere? [WATCH]

“This is gonna be a very heartbreaking season,” laments Kevin Jacobsen, contributing writer at Gold Derby, in a new video discussion about the “Survivor: Winners at War” premiere with senior editors Marcus James Dixon and Susan Wloszczyna. As he explains, there are so many fan favorites in this cast of champions that it’s already sad to see players like Natalie Anderson and Amber Mariano get sent out of the game. Dixon argues that the Edge of Extinction twist is good for this very reason, noting that if his favorite, Sandra Diaz-Twine, goes out next, “I’m not gonna be as sad because I can still see her on my screen each week.” Watch Dixon, Wloszczyna and Jacobsen break down the “Survivor” Season 40 premiere, who they’re rooting for and who they think will be voted out next in the video chat above.

Wloszczyna enjoyed the moments of legends Rob Mariano and Parvati Shallow bonding in the premiere, discussing how they were “immediately finding the diabolicalness. They had to find each other and somehow collude.” Meanwhile, Edge of Extinction remains a highly debated twist. Dixon likes the inclusion of the fire tokens this time around because it gives the eliminated castaways something active to do in the game rather than just sitting around. Jacobsen still isn’t convinced as a purist of the game but admits it’s still too early to see how it will affect things.

As for who the trio is rooting for, Wloszczyna admits she is backing Sarah Lacina, our most recent female winner, because “she’s very strong in a lot of things but she’s not loud about it like Sandra.” On the other hand, Dixon is pulling for Sandra, while Jacobsen is rooting for the nerdy bond between Yul Kwon and Sophie Clarke. There is no consensus on who will be booted next, with Wloszczyna guessing Adam Klein, Jacobsen going with Tony Vlachos and Dixon thinking it will be either Parvati or Kim Spradlin.

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