Sad! These 18 ‘Survivor’ winners didn’t return in Season 40: Tom Westman, Vecepia Towery, Earl Cole …

Survivor: Winners at War” may purport to decide the best winner of all time, but 18 former champions could plausibly dispute that. While Season 40 does have “Survivor” legends like Rob Mariano, Parvati Shallow and Sandra Diaz-Twine, it does not include every past winner. For instance, the first two winners, Richard Hatch and Tina Wesson, are missing from the “Winners at War” cast despite being from two of the most-watched seasons in the show’s history. Check out our photos above of all 18 “Survivor” winners not on the Season 40 cast.

Richard and Tina join a number of winners from the first 20 seasons who are not playing in “Survivor: Winners at War.” The others are: Vecepia Towery (“Marquesas”), Brian Heidik (“Thailand”), Jenna Morasca (“The Amazon”), Chris Daugherty (“Vanuatu”), Tom Westman (“Palau”), Aras Baskauskas (“Panama”), Earl Cole (“Fiji”), Todd Herzog (“China”), Bob Crowley (“Gabon”), J.T. Thomas (“Tocantins”), and Natalie White (“Samoa”).

This is a staggering level of old school winners to leave out, but perhaps not surprising considering the show’s tendency to bring back castaways who have played recently. One silver lining to many of these absences is that we’ve seen some of these champs play a second or third time, like Richard, Tina, Jenna, Tom and J.T.

Looking at Seasons 21-39, almost every single winner is present in “Winners at War,” but there are naturally a few omissions. It is no surprise that we don’t see Chris Underwood (“Edge of Extinction”) or Tommy Sheehan (“Island of the Idols”), considering they had no prep time for Season 40. The bigger snubs include Jud “Fabio” Birza (“Nicaragua”), John Cochran (“Caramoan”) and Mike Holloway (“Worlds Apart”).

Which former MIA champs do you wish were taking part in Season 40? Give us your take down in the comments section after touring our “Survivor” photo gallery above.

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