Team Kelly Clarkson poll: Which artist do YOU want to win ‘The Voice’ Season 18?

Tour our photos above for a closer look at Kelly Clarkson’s current artists for “The Voice” Season 18. At the conclusion of the blind auditions, Team Kelly consisted of 10 total artists (down from 12 in recent years). Some of those contestants were then eliminated or stolen in the battles and knockouts. Will any of the remaining five artists give Kelly her fourth victory as a coach? She previously prevailed with Brynn Cartelli (Season 14), Chevel Shepherd (Season 15) and Jake Hoot (Season 17). Vote in our poll below for who you want to win.

Megan Danielle was raised by a single mom after her parents divorced when she was 7. It wasn’t always easy living on her mother’s waitressing income with four other siblings, so Megan used music as a distraction. Her grandmother encouraged her to start singing, and when Megan turned 15 her mom signed her up to sing at a restaurant. After that, Megan decided she wanted to sing professionally and has been playing open mics ever since. Outside of music, she works as a waitress, dishwasher and cashier at the restaurant her mom now manages. Megan, who uses her wages from the restaurant to help run the house with her mom, recently bought her first car.

Mandi Thomas started singing at a young age and has been classically trained since she was 11. She continued her musical studies in college and began teaching vocal lessons after graduation. Mandi has dedicated herself to teaching and has put her own music career on the backburner due to struggles with self-confidence. Two of Mandi’s former students have been successful on “The Voice,” and she realized it wasn’t fair to push them to do something she didn’t have the courage to do herself. Mandi comes to “The Voice” to take her own advice and focus on her personal music aspirations.

Micah Iverson was born and raised in Tokyo to missionary parents who taught English. As one of nine children, he turned to singing and taught himself to play guitar in order to set himself apart from his siblings. Micah later moved to the US to attend the University of Virginia. Eager to fit in, he joined an a cappella group and continued to work on his personal music. After graduating, Micah pursued a career in business finance, but felt that he should be doing music instead. Micah quit his job last year and moved to Atlanta to start a band and to be closer to his family. Micah currently works at his brother’s brewery and is focusing entirely on his music.

Cedrice grew up in a lively Filipino family and had a typical childhood until she was diagnosed with alopecia at age 10. After losing chunks of hair, she endured severe bullying and fell into depression. She tried wearing wigs, but always felt she was hiding her real identity. Three years ago, while beginning her musical journey, Cedrice decided to embrace what made her unique and began shaving her head. With the power back in her hands, she boldly took the stage and began singing publicly for the first time and is now a full-time musician.

Samantha Howell has been singing her entire life. She credits Miley Cyrus for inspiring her love for music and encouraging her to find value in herself and not what others think. Already independent at 13, Samantha booked her own weekly gig at a local ice cream shop and began posting her music online. At 17, she was invited to California to make an album and spent an entire month away from home recording music. Samantha has gigged all over Virginia and recently moved to Nashville to pursue music on a bigger scale. Samantha has been able to support herself with her music but is ready to take her career to the next level on “The Voice.”

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