Team Nick Jonas poll: Which artist do YOU want to win ‘The Voice’ Season 18?

Tour our photos above for a closer look at Nick Jonas’s current artists for “The Voice” Season 18. At the conclusion of the blind auditions, Team Nick consisted of 10 total artists (down from 12 in recent years). Some of those contestants were then eliminated or stolen in the battles and knockouts. Will any of the remaining five artists give Nick his first victory as a coach? He faces stiff competition from Blake Shelton, Kelly Clarkson and John Legend. Vote in our poll below for who you want to win.

Arei Moon grew up speaking both Kriolu and English with her parents, who immigrated from Cape Verde, a small island chain off the coast of West Africa. She started performing at her neighborhood block parties and was asked to open for LL Cool J when she was 12. From that moment on, Arei knew the stage is where she is meant to be. Her family later moved to Orlando and Arei went on to sing in the school choir, and she eventually became a full-time musician after college. Arei and her husband are holding off on starting a family while she pursues her career as a solo artist.

Allegra Miles grew up on the beautiful island of St. John, spending her time freediving and sailing with her family. When she was 11, her family moved to Florida for more opportunities in music and education. Allegra has always been surrounded by music, with her mother being a music therapist, and her family would often play open mic nights together around town. At 12, Allegra began songwriting and posting her music online, and for the last two years she has been performing several times a week while juggling her schoolwork. Allegra comes to “The Voice” hoping to kickstart her music career.

Roderick Chambers‘ two greatest loves growing up were music and his brother. When Roderick was 4, his brother saved him from drowning in a pool, which reinforced their inseparable bond. They went on to sing together in school chorus and would perform at family events. They later formed a trio and spent the next 14 years touring and playing corporate events and weddings. Roderick made a difficult decision to go solo in 2015, but has found some success on his own. Roderick is currently a full-time musician and comes to “The Voice” trying to build a comfortable life for his 2-year-old son.

Thunderstorm Artis grew up in a large musical family with 10 siblings on the shores of Oahu. They formed a family band and would perform at their father’s art gallery, attracting tourists from all over the world. Sadly, his father passed away suddenly after suffering a heart attack, and Thunderstorm started singing as a method of grieving. He later teamed up with his brother to tour as a duo until Thunderstorm decided to go solo. For the past six years, Thunderstorm has been performing all over the US.

Michael Williams asked for voice lessons for Christmas when he was 6. His parents were surprised by the request, since they lived in a small town where their life revolved around sports, but they agreed to pay for the lessons. Shortly after, Michael got involved in community theater and began performing at local events. At 10, Michael was diagnosed with a digestive disease that kept him from playing sports, so he relied on music even more. He is now starting his second year singing at the local amusement park and enjoys singing all different genres. Michael comes to “The Voice” ready to experience music outside of his small town.

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