‘The Amazing Race’s’ Kaylynn and Haley: ‘We either had really good luck or really bad luck’

There are three guarantees in life: death, taxes, and Kaylynn and Haley Williams surviving a leg of “The Amazing Race 32” by the skin of their teeth. Well, until now. After they got saved by two non-eliminations and squeaked by two teams the previous four legs, the sisters’ improbable, resilient run came to an end during Wednesday’s first-ever mega leg in Hyderabad, India, during which they were yielded twice by Will and James, and then Riley and Maddison for good measure.

But Kaylynn and Haley had already put themselves in a hole by getting lost yet again searching for the Swiggy food delivery Detour, and with every member of the Mine Five alliance still alive, their nine lives finally ran out. Get the blonde bandits’ thoughts on their surreal run and exit below. Plus: Why did they always get lost?

Gold Derby: Do you know how far behind you were?
Kaylynn: Haley and I have no idea how far behind we were. When we were riding the buggy, we saw Maddison and Riley doing their interview. Normally those take a while and they looked done.

Haley: Yeah, they were probably an hour or two ahead of us. We were way behind.

Kaylynn: We were waving at them and they felt so bad because they yielded us, but we had no idea! [Laughs]

Gold Derby: Did you see another team after the rickshaws and before that?
Kaylynn: I vaguely remember Hung and Chee running when they had just gotten their next clue after the food [delivery] challenge. They running off to their taxi while we were just getting there, and that challenge took a long time. We saw Will and James once they had yielded us before [we did] the challenge. They were walking off, about to hop in their rickshaw and go to the next challenge. But other than that, we didn’t see another team for the rest of the day.

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Gold Derby: You guys survived so many legs. Did you think this was gonna be it or maybe you could pull one more out of the hat here?
Haley: So every single leg we would get through, we would go into the hotel or wherever we were staying, like, “Oh, my God! How did we do that again?” So we knew our time was coming to an end. We just felt it because we had been in the back of the pack so much. We wanted to win and we hoped to win, but we also knew these competitors were so strong. We never came in first. We felt like our time was coming to an end, so we weren’t surprised at all when India took us out, especially on a mega leg.

Kaylynn: Yeah, if Haley and I could go out on any leg, it’d be a mega leg for us. We’re so happy it was a mega leg.

Gold Derby: Why did you guys always get lost?
Kaylynn: [Laughs] That was the name of our game. Carlos got us lost in Bogotá, Colombia. He said he was taking a shortcut, and we were actually the first to leave in a taxi in Colombia, but Carlos got us lost forever so we were the last to show up. We got lost in Paraguay really bad for about two hours. I think we either had the best luck or the worst luck. And then Haley and I are extremely directionally challenged, even back home in Charleston. We still use Waze on our phone or Google Maps to get around, and we’ve lived here for 10 years. But we got super lost on our own in Paris. That was all our own fault. I think we’re so used to using our maps and our phones in daily life, and then when you go on “The Amazing Race” and you don’t have a phone or anything, that’s gonna get you lost, especially us.

Haley: Hanging my head out of the window screaming “Bercy” at people was what saved us.

Gold Derby: It is funny that you seemed to pick bad cab drivers or you had bad taxi luck because it’s not like all of these legs were self-driving.
Kaylynn: When Haley and I are watching the episodes now and we see how the other teams get to the challenges flawlessly, we’re like, “How the heck did they get the best taxis ever? What the heck were Carlos — what were they doing?!” We’re like, “Do you think they were secretly sabotaging us?” “No.” [Laughs] We either had really good luck or really bad luck. I don’t understand how any of the other teams had such good luck with their taxis.

Haley: Kellie and LaVonne had really bad luck with taxis too.

Kaylynn: They had the worst luck.

Gold Derby: You guys said you drove past the Swiggy location a billion times or something, so how long were you in the cab?
Kaylynn: I’m so glad they showed that. Haley and I were like, “OK, if we drive past this one place one more time, we’re going to lose it.” It was getting ridiculous. We were lost in our taxi for about two hours, I think.

Haley: For over an hour for sure.

Gold Derby: Do you think getting yielded twice had any impact on your elimination or do you think you would’ve been eliminated anyway?
Haley: It’s hard to say because we don’t know how far behind we actually were from everybody, but I think that we took ourselves out. Or the taxi took us out or whatever happened that day took us out, but I don’t think yielding had the biggest impact. I think we were gone no matter what. That Mine Five were working together and they were gonna take us out then or at a better time, so we were gonna go out. But I wouldn’t blame going out on the Yield.

Kaylynn: No, I don’t think that the Yield affected us at all that day. It was 40 minutes. If anything, it gave us a nice little break. By the time Riley and Maddison had yielded us, we knew we were out. We knew there was no saving us at that point. We hadn’t seen a team all day and we knew how lost we’d gotten. And we realized too that if they’re yielding us, that means we’re in the back of the pack and they’re giving themselves a cushion.

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Gold Derby: You had a good sense of humor about it, but did you feel like it was adding insult to injury because they all knew you guys were dead last?
Kaylynn: I think when Haley and I saw we had gotten yielded by Will and James, we totally understood that it’s a game. We had just yielded Leo and Alana, so we knew that there’s no hard feelings, it’s just a game. And Leo and Alana were really good to us about it, so we just knew we weren’t gonna be upset about it.

Haley: And I think we actually laughed about it when it happened, so I hope that’s how it shows on TV.

Gold Derby: Do you take solace in the face that they all had to conspire and use two Yields to finally get you guys out?
Kaylynn: Being that we didn’t know anything about the Mine Five until Phil [Keoghan] told us at the mat in India, it makes us feel better knowing that they all worked together, knowing that Haley and I ran a really clean and honest race on our own. We just did it without anybody’s help. So I think watching the Mine Five now makes us feel good.

Haley: I totally agree. They all carried each other through the race. None of the Mine Five ran on their own, so it’s great to see that because it makes me feel better. I think the game would’ve been changed if they weren’t the Mine Five.

Gold Derby: Yeah, especially last week with “sauerkraut.”
Kaylynn: Yeah! There’s a YouTube clip of Haley and I after “sauerkraut” — we were in our taxi heading to the chicken dance — and we were like, “How did all these teams get it?” And then we realized they must’ve been helping each other. And Haley saw Aparna say “thank you” to Leo, so technically only Leo and Hung got “sauerkraut.” That made Haley feel a lot better about herself.

Haley: That was the most frustrating part, like, “How did everybody else get it but me? Why am I the stupid one?” But then once I realized they were working together, it would’ve been so different if they didn’t tell each other.

Gold Derby: Haley, Leo struggled whether or not to tell you the answer and he decided not to because he knew he was at the back. How upset were you since you helped each other out in Legs 2 and 3?
Haley: The way it worked out was Leo and Alana helped us out in Colombia and we repaid them in Brazil, so we kind of felt like it was a clean slate and we didn’t owe each other anything because we didn’t have a spoken alliance together — that’s our biggest regret. It would’ve been stupid for him to tell me because we would’ve all been racing for last place. I understood him not telling me, but once I realized he helped Aparna because Aparna said “thank you,” that felt like betrayal. In one of the interviews, I said to Kaylynn, “He didn’t help me, so I’m not gonna help him.” Aparna was like, “Thank you!” and I was like, “OK, I see how we’re playing this.” [Laughs] So that’s when we realized too we really are running this game by ourselves. It wasn’t a hard feeling really, but a little bit.

Kaylynn: Also, because it was every man for himself at that point, and if Leo had helped us, they would’ve been neck and neck with us. Haley and I did speak a little German, and all the teams knew that, which it did not help us because we don’t actually speak German — we just thought we did. [Laughs] When Leo helped Aparna, I understood that it was because they were ahead of us and they were gonna be neck and neck with each other, and then adding us to it would not have been a good move for them. I don’t blame him whatsoever.

Haley: They could’ve struggled at the chicken challenge and we could’ve caught up and knocked them out because he told me the answer.

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Gold Derby: You were saved by two non-eliminations and you beat Michelle and Victoria in Paris because they got more lost than you, so which one of your saves were your most shocked by?
Kaylynn: I would say Haley and I were the most shocked when we arrived at the mat in Paris and were told we were not the last ones. That was a moment of shooken for us. [Laughs] We could not believe it. We hadn’t seen a team all day. When we got to the Chantilly challenge, we had the last chef outfits laying out, so we were like, “OK, we are 100 percent last.” Then when we got to the carnival, we were just like, “No way any other teams are out there still.” And especially because Michelle and Vic are incredible at driving stick shift and they speak French and they’re incredible competitors, so we never expected they would be the last team out there. That was one of those moments where we thought Phil was lying to us.

Haley: And also because we had just been saved in Paraguay with a non-elimination and we thought for sure there’s no way there’s back-to-back non-eliminations, so we’re definitely gone. So that was way more shocking that a non-elim.

Kaylynn: We had our camera guy, Dean and Rob, and we were talking to them in the taxi on the way to the mat, and they were saying, “Don’t get down! You never know!” And we were like, “Yeah, yeah, yeah, we’re totally out. It’s nighttime at this point.”

Haley: And we knew that when you get knocked out, you go to sequester. We were like, “I’m gonna drink the biggest glass of wine in sequester tonight and I’m gonna eat the biggest pizza and be so gross.” And they were like, “Don’t say that! You never know.” We were like, “Shut up! We know!” [Laughs]

Gold Derby: It was just delayed for three legs.
Haley: Exactly! We were so ready for that wine!

Who were you cheering for after you got eliminated and also now as viewers with the Mine Five blown up?
Kaylynn: We can’t wait to watch that unfold.

Haley: I know. I’m so excited.

Kaylynn: Haley and I are cheering for all the teams. We love them all so much and they’re all such strong competitors, but Haley and I would say Hung and Chee because they have a family and they’re incredible. They’re so smart, they’re so humble. They have three little girls, so they’re probably the team we’re most rooting for.

Haley: They’re the nicest people you’ll ever meet in real life. Their daughters were the cutest things on the planet. I think they deserve it. Everybody does, but we’re rooting for them.

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