‘The Bachelor’ Episode 7 recap: Peter’s final 4 is set after another surprising elimination

With the all-important hometown dates looming on “The Bachelor,” Peter Weber faced some tough decisions this week, but all of the nervous tension and worrisome doubts didn’t stop him from choosing his final four in picturesque Lima, Peru.

Before launching into the various dates, Peter took time to meet with the remaining six women for quick heart-to-hearts, stressing the importance of honesty. His biggest fear is falling for someone who says they’re ready for marriage and can see a future with him, only to be blindsided. The ladies agreed in spite of the fact that each of them are on separate paths, completely unaware of how far along some relationships have progressed and the expectations that come with it.

Madison, a favorite since she met Peter’s parents and extended family and friends in Episode 2, received the first one-on-one date, which took place at a scenic fishing village. Speaking openly about her faith, Madison said she’s seeking a husband who would be spiritual, leading Peter to note his faith could be stronger. More importantly, he said he’s falling in love with her, proving it with a rose.

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At the festive Plaza de Armas, Peter finally had quality time with Natasha, taking part in her first (and long overdue) one-on-one. Having always appreciated her bluntness, Peter needed to figure out if there was anything deeper to their relationship than friendship. Natasha felt they were moving in the right direction, but Peter didn’t feel a romantic connection blossoming. Being brutally honest mattered to him going forward, so it wasn’t surprising Natasha was eliminated.

Kelsey, steadily building momentum since surprisingly overcoming the drama of Champagnegate, shared an adventurous one-on-one with Peter, including an ATV joyride through the Peruvian mountains. In another moment of great vulnerability, which has served her well this season, Kelsey opened up about her estranged relationship with her dad and how that might affect their possible hometown date. Peter took the news in stride, giving her a rose and verifying how much he’s enjoyed their unconventional partnership. “We’re doing this our way and I love that,” he said. In other words, she’s a major contender and could go far.

The climatic three-on-one date, held at a 250-year old hacienda/vineyard, featured Kelley, Victoria F. and Hannah Ann. Kelley, cool and confident while throwing her shadiest shade of the season, was quick to say how she’s the most mature of the trio. Labeling her competitors as “children,” Kelley noted 23-year-old Hannah Ann was simply too young and Victoria was a hot mess prone to emotional breakdowns. Hannah Ann, anxious and tearful, was the first to have Peter alone. Fully aware she’s had her emotional walls up in the past, she came prepared to offer him a list of “20 Things I Love About You,” which he found very sweet.

Kelley was up next, reminding Peter there’s nothing she has to hide and she’s not about drama. Peter wasn’t a fan of her constantly using the word “fun” to describe their experience, but a mutual respect exists between them nonetheless, which explains why he’s kept her around for so long.

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Unsurprisingly, Victoria and Peter’s meeting was the most confrontational. He felt confused about what he perceived as attacks, which seemed to imply she’s pushing him away. Even so, in another acknowledgment of the unconventional, he gave her a rose, leaving Kelley and Hannah Ann for the final showdown. Although Peter said he was grateful to have met Kelley, he eliminated her, saying their connection was built on a really good friendship, which apparently wasn’t enough in spite of their initial spark. Kelley’s final statements, questioning whether Peter is actually a child or an adult while also wondering what exactly is his phase in life, were a stinging rebuke.

So, the final four is set: Madison, Kelsey, Victoria F., and Hannah Ann. Who will come out on top during next week’s hometowns? Let the suspense begin and the tears flow!

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