Ay dios mio! Here’s the super shady thing Peter’s mom Barb said to his dad in Spanish on the ‘Bachelor’ finale

Chris Harrison, ABC, TPTB and everyone involved with “The Bachelor” did not lie when they said that no one knew how Season 24 would end. Because absolutely no one could’ve seen Barbara Weber coming.

Until Tuesday, Peter Weber‘s mom was a seemingly melodramatic woman who wanted her son to “bring [Hannah Ann Sluss] home to us.” And yes, she’s still melodramatic, but on Tuesday’s “After the Final Rose,” she turned into an all-out villain — truly the biggest twist of the season. Still not fond of her son’s decision to dump Hannah Ann for Madison Prewett, she did not even bother to hide her contempt for his current girlfriend — who was sitting mere feet away from her — telling the couple that “everyone knows it’s not going to work” and that Peter has to “fail to succeed.” When Chris Harrison asked for her husband, Peter Sr., to weigh in, Barb leaned over and whispered something to him in Spanish (watch above).

Di algo mal también. Ayúdame,” she said. Translation: “Say something bad too. Help me.”

This is an instantly iconic and hilarious “Bachelor” moment because 1) it is shady as all hell — Barb really DGAF about Madison; and 2) it’s amateur hour over here — hello, Barb, you’re mic’d! You may as well have whispered it in English. Also, Spanish is the second most common language spoken in the United States; it took about .02 seconds for people to realize what you’ve said. Pro tip: Next time, figure out the plan of attack beforehand or come up with a code or just give your hubby the death stare.

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Peter’s dad was far more diplomatic in laying out his reservations about the couple’s future. Barb bit her tongue and dutifully nodded in agreement, but you could tell she just wanted to lay into Pete and Madi more. Barb’s utter derision for Madi and her son’s decision (though, lbr, Peter does suck at making decisions) was a true sight to behold because it was such a departure from your typical parental reaction in a situation like this. Even if you disagree with your child’s choice of partner, most parents would respect that their son or daughter loves this person and let them be and figure it out on their own. Barb just cannot let this or Hannah Ann go. (Her “you go, girl!” reactions on the Barb Cam as Hannah Ann told off Peter were amazing. Barb loves Hannah Ann more than her own son at this point.)

The icing on the cake is that it’s still kind of unclear where Barb’s hostile animosity toward Madison comes from. The explanation she offered was that Madison kept the family waiting for three hours before they met in Australia (reminder that they were all smiles when Madison attended Barb and Peter’s vow renewals earlier in the season) and did not apologize (she should’ve apologized), and that Madison didn’t warmly embrace Barb like Hannah Ann did. So… this is all about Barb then? Barb also said that Madison said at the time that she was not “madly in love” with Peter like Hannah Ann was and was not prepared to accept a proposal in four days. Sorry, but wouldn’t that be a good thing that a woman doesn’t want to hastily accept a proposal from a man she’s known for two months while he was simultaneously dating a bunch of other women — two of whom he has said he is also in love with?

Production on the season wrapped in November, and Peter and Hannah Ann split in January. That means Barb (and Peter’s whole family) has had more than a month to start over and get to know Madison, the woman her dear son says he’s in love with. Instead, she went on live television and tried to burn it all to the ground. And in Spanish. Oh, and in fans’ DMs too.

This really was the most dramatic “Bachelor” finale ever.

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