Peter who? ‘The Bachelor’s’ Madison Prewett and Hannah Ann Sluss reunited on Instagram Live

You know what they say: chicks before dicks. Madison Prewett and Hannah Ann Sluss — you know, Peter Weber‘s final two on “The Bachelor,” his former girlfriend and former fiancée, respectively, whom he dumped back to back within six weeks of each other — virtually reunited on Instagram Live on Thursday night, and there were absolutely no hard feelings at all.

But if you were looking for tea or a Peter bashfest, you’ll be sorely disappointed. The pilot’s name wasn’t mentioned once, neither was the dramatic finale — during which he proposed to Sluss, broke up with her weeks later to reunite with Prewett, only to split two days after the live finale, on which Sluss and his mother Barbara chastised him. Instead, the ladies just had lighthearted chat, reminiscing about the bond they forged on the show, discussing their mothers’ mad chili and banana bread cooking skills, and making plans to get together after the coronavirus pandemic is over.

“My dad wants to be best friends with your dad, so we’ve got to get them together,” Prewett exclaimed. “Coach Prewett, Ranger Rick.”

The 23-year-olds also talked about how their mutual faith has helped them cope during this uncertain time in the world. “I know a lot of people have been really struggling. I know it’s really important at this time to lean on people and lean on things that are really important to you,” Prewett said. “For me, my faith and for you, your faith.”

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“I know we always connected with our faith,” Sluss replied, showing Prewett her gold bracelet engraved with Psalm 62:5. “It’s all about trusting God and having Him as your foundation. That’s something that’s been helping me as my reminder.”

Madison and Hannah Ann to Peter:


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