The 6 juiciest bombshells from Madison Prewett’s first post-‘Bachelor’ interview

Peter Weber‘s season of “The Bachelor” is truly the gift that keeps on giving. More than a month after the finale and their breakup, Madison Prewett has given her first interview on former Bachelorette Kaitlyn Bristowe‘s “Off the Vine” podcast, on which she discussed everything from Weber possibly dating Kelley Flanagan now to his mother Barbara. Obviously. It always comes back to Barb.

Here are the six biggest revelations.

1. She “never cried harder” than she did “After the Final Rose” and regrets not apologizing to Barb
Barb absolutely laid into her son and Prewett on the live post-show since she was all in on Team Hannah Ann Sluss, telling America that he has to “fail” in order to succeed. Her beef with Prewett was that she wasn’t warm to Barb when they met and had kept the Webers waiting for three hours in Australia. Prewett did not apologize on “After the Final Rose,” which she now admits was a mistake.

“I wish that I would have just apologized and been apologetic in that moment,” she told Bristowe. “I think I was so taken back and I was so hurt by the things that were being said to me in this time that was so beautiful for me and Peter. We had overcome so much to be there. We’re trying to fight so hard — we don’t know if it was going to work — but we’re trying so hard to figure out if it can. For that opportunity to kind of be taken from the both of us… for that to be the ending of the season, I mean I walked off that stage and I had never cried harder in my life.”

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The foster parent recruiter said the shock of Barb’s comments and the immediacy of live TV was too much for her to quickly process what was happening and apologize. Still, she understands why Barb (and his entire family) felt the way they did about their relationship. “They saw how different we were,” she said. “I was never trying to be disrespectful, honest in exactly where I was at and how I was feeling.”

Prewett also apologizes for keeping the fam waiting for three hours, which, as Chris Harrison previously revealed, was due to her and Weber’s prolonged conversation about their future. “I apologize, but what I will say — I came into that not knowing if Peter and I were going to make it past that conversation,” she explained. “To be frank — and not to be disrespectful to anyone — but I wasn’t considering about my family, his family or anybody else involved. At that moment, my only focus was on Peter and I.”

2. The Webers’ vow renewal ceremony was “the best day ever”
Things weren’t always so rough between Prewett and the Webers. She first met them when she attended Barb and Peter Sr.‘s vow renewal ceremony earlier in the season, which she now calls “the best day ever.” “I remember getting back and journaling and being like, ‘I’m screwed. How am I going to do this? I feel like I’ve known this guy and have been dating this guy for so long,’” she shared. “I felt like we had been dating for a year and I was at the family Christmas gathering.”

That made their sudden 180 even more shocking. “I loved the Weber family,” Prewett added. “Every time I saw Peter, and I know a lot didn’t get shown throughout the show, but every time we were together he was talking about how much his family loved me. … We were already talking about when we were going to see the family again.”

3. She and Peter never really got back together
Prewett confirmed what had previously been reported: She and the pilot had technically never fully reconciled by the time they were on “After the Final Rose.” This could all just be a way of excusing the insanity that unraveled on the finale with him proposing to Sluss, breaking up with Sluss to reunite with Prewett, the live evisceration by Barb, and their subsequent breakup two days after the finale aired. But let’s take her word.

“We came into [‘After the Final Rose’] not together and we left that evening together,” she explained. “We said in that moment, ‘I love you and I want to see if this can work,’ but we never said that we were in a relationship.”

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They had planned to talk about their issues on “After the Final Rose,” but Barb derailed that from happening. They then spent the next two days talking about their future before deciding to split, and announced it in simultaneous Instagram posts. “We finally got to a place where we just realized, with everything that’s happened, this isn’t necessarily the best foundation to be starting a relationship,” Prewett said. “And how the finale went definitely played a huge role in why I didn’t feel like it could work.”

4. She acknowledges she should’ve told Weber about her virginity earlier
Prewett waited until fantasy suites week to reveal to Weber that she didn’t believe in premarital sex and more or less gave him an ultimatum that she wouldn’t be able to “move forward” if he had sex with the other women. “I probably should have shared” her virginity earlier, Prewett told Bristowe, but she doesn’t believe it would’ve made a huge difference. “Of course he’s going to argue that it might have made a difference, but I mean who knows because that wasn’t the situation we were in and that wasn’t what happened,” she said. “I truly tried to let my heart lead me in all conversations.”

5. She locked herself in a bathroom
Producers did not lock Flanagan in a closet, but Prewett locked herself in a bathroom during fantasy suites week, which was “the hardest week of my life” because she couldn’t stand thinking about Weber being with the other women. “There was one time in particular where I locked myself the bathroom and was bawling crying for, like, hours,” she revealed. “I want to be with this guy, but I’m having to watch him be with other people.”

She later quit the show, a day in which she experienced “my highest high and my lowest low.” “In that day, I had realized that I loved this guy and I wanted a future with him and also at the end of the day, I had realized that the guy that I loved had chosen to be intimate with other women after I had expressed to him how that would make me feel,” she shared.

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6. The Kelley drama
Obviously, we’re going to save the best for last. Weber has been quarantining in Flanagan’s Chicago apartment with his “Bachelorette” co-star Dustin Kendrick since last month — after they were caught galavanting in public during stay-at-home orders, the paparazzi photos of which came out on Prewett’s birthday. Weber claims they’re not dating (yet), but who knows. However, according to Prewett, Weber had been texting her days before he was spotted with the fifth-place finisher, asking Prewett to get back together.

“He was, like, calling me and texting me being like, ‘I miss you, let’s get back together,'” she revealed. “I mean, I think that, to me, was a little confusing, but I think, like, when you break up and you’re going through a heartbreak and you just came off a show that was emotionally, physically and every which way exhausting, everybody handles that differently. Everybody leans on different things.”

She continued: “You were telling me how much you loved me and wanted to get back together and now you’re with the one person that was my best friend. It just feels a little hurtful.”

Though it wasn’t clear on the show, Prewett says she and Flanagan were “inseparable” throughout production. “Everyone joked that we were like the dynamic duo. We really leaned on each other throughout that entire thing,” she shared. “Even when I landed from Australia, she was one of the first people I called. She was in group messages with me and my family. I mean, we were like really, really close and talked 24/7. … I thought she was going to be in my wedding.”

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Prewett hasn’t spoken to Flanagan “in a really long time” and is upset they didn’t reach out to her. “I say this genuinely meaning it, I saw something special in Kelley, that’s why she was my best friend. I saw something special in Peter, that’s why I loved him and wanted to fight so hard to make the relationship work. So they’re obviously both incredible and special people,” she said, adding that she doesn’t buy that they’re not dating. “His answers — and her answers — very much contradict the current situation that is happening right now.”

For his part, Weber was not happy with Prewett spilling the tea and tagged his ex in comment on an Instagram post about her Flanagan comments, writing, “you’d think you’d have a little more respect for this situation given we both know there’s more to the story.” And then he unfollowed her on Instagram. Like we said, his season just keeps on giving.

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