Nope, ‘The Bachelor’s’ Hannah Ann Sluss ‘wasn’t really surprised’ by those photos of Peter Weber and Kelley Flanagan

In case you forgot, while we’ve been self-quarantining, “The Bachelor’s” Peter Weber and his fifth-place finisher Kelley Flanagan had a flirty date (?) at the Chicago Riverwalk that definitely did not adhere to the six-feet-apart social distancing rules. And you are not the only one who is not impressed by their, or specifically, Peter’s behavior.

During an Instagram Live over the weekend, Nick Viall asked Hannah Ann Sluss how annoyed was she when she saw the photos. “Did you think it was A) super tacky and slap in your face or B) totally tacky and a slap in your face or C) unbelievably tacky and a slap in the face?” he asked.

Hannah Ann gave a diplomatic answer about her ex-fiancé, but made sure to throw in some shade as well, of course. “At the end of the day, I’m single, Peter’s single, Kelley’s single. We’re all single,” she said. “Good for them if that’s the case. When you just have been through so much crap and you’re fine and you see the light at the end of the tunnel, little things like that don’t drag you down that much. … I’m not taking it as a slap in the face. I’m just taking it as an mmhmm.”

When Nick pressed for more, the model said she’s glad she’s “out of it” and noted that it’s “definitely confusing, but maybe it will work out for them and he’ll be decisive about her.” Zing! Oh, wait, there’s more. “Honestly when I saw it, I wasn’t really surprised,” Hannah Ann added. “I really wasn’t because that’s just the pattern of how everything’s been going — just like all over the place, has no direction, so I wasn’t really surprised.”

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Where is the lie? Peter has had more flip-flops than a sandal store, and Hannah Ann has firsthand experience, having to end their engagement so he could get back together with Madison Prewett for a hot minute. After the photos went wide, the 23-year-old also purged her Instagram of all things Peter and then liked a tweet calling him a “f*ckboi.” This is the kind of energy we all need.

Who knows if Peter and Kelley are actually dating or not — neither has commented on their rendezvous — but whatever it is, guys, please take it inside.

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