‘The Crown’ Season 4 trailer finds Elizabeth facing new challenges from Margaret Thatcher, Princess Diana [WATCH]

“Two women running the show — that’s the last thing this country needs,” states Prince Philip (Tobias Menzies) in the Season 4 trailer for “The Crown.” “Perhaps that’s exactly what this country needs,” proclaims Queen Elizabeth (Olivia Colman). The new trailer puts women at the forefront as the queen navigates the tumultuous ’80s, with the arrival of Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher and Princess Diana. Watch the Season 4 trailer above.

This trailer gives an even juicier look at Gillian Anderson‘s performance as Thatcher than the teaser. “My goal is to change this country from being dependent to self-reliant, and I think in that I am succeeding,” the prime minister explains to Queen Elizabeth, who, in turn, tells her that it is “a dangerous game to make enemies left, right and center.” Thatcher is quick to admit that she is plenty comfortable having enemies.

Much of the trailer, which features such title cards as “Change will challenge tradition,” delves into the media circus surrounding Princess Diana and her emergence in the public eye. From the beginning, there is immense pressure put on the eventual princess, as Prince Charles is told to find a woman the public will love “as a princess and, in due course, as queen.” While Emma Corrin as Diana does not speak much, only stating at one point that she just wants to be loved, the impact of her new life is felt with various shots of paparazzi surrounding her. At other points, we see her dancing and roller-skating.

This era of “The Crown” will arguably be its most interesting yet as Queen Elizabeth will have her hands full between Thatcher, Princess Diana and Helena Bonham Carter‘s Princess Margaret needing to undergo lung surgery. All 10 episodes of Season 4 are set to drop on Netflix on Nov. 15, making it a surefire contender for all upcoming award shows.

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