The Frog clues: Is ‘The Masked Singer’ amphibian really Bow Wow?

It’s the quarter-finals on Season 3’s “The Masked Singer,” and it all starts with the Frog. Comedian Jeff Dye joined the regular panel of judges: Jenny McCarthy, Nicole Scherzinger, Ken Jeong and Robin Thicke. The Frog’s clues include that he has a “little frog” at home as well as a couple of visuals of three loaves of bread and some kind of hawk. And the on-stage clue gags this week were all about packages that landed on the singers’ front porches, and the Frog’s clue was a model jet. Does he own one?

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When the Frog hopped on stage to rap “Bust a Move” by Young DMC, he owned his performance. This Frog can dance, he swiveled his hips and he jived to the music along with his three amphibian dancers — let’s give the dancers on this show a shout-out because they are great! So, who is Mr. Frog?

Jenny said he always brings his “A” game each week. The Frog added he’s here “to win the golden mask for his kid.” Back to that “kid” clue. Jenny guessed the frog to be actor/producer Anthony Mackie, while Robin said it’s Bow Wow and Ken started with Kevin Bacon and ended by guessing Derek Hough (which is way, way off because Hough does not have kids). Jeff riffed on the clue of the Frog dancing on hot buns and guessed Sir Mix-a-Lot (funny, but no).

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I think Robin Thicke nailed it. It’s Bow Wow, formerly Little Bow Wow, a.k.a. Shad Moss. Moss has a little frog, a daughter, Shai Moss who is about 9 or 10 and several years back he waited to release his album “Underrated” because he wanted to spend time raising his daughter—so she obviously changed HIS life. The hawk symbolizes rebirth, and Bow Wow moved from a kid performer to an adult rapper, actor and host. The man reinvented himself several times over. At one time he was involved in legal issues over child support, stating he didn’t have enough money (“bread” clue).

As for the model plane: in 2017 there was something called the “Bow Wow Challenge,” and it started from a post by the singer showing his private jet lifestyle. It was actually a stock photo; subsequently the challenge became popular and people started to share misleading photos. Time to bark back Derby Dogs, what do YOU think?

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