‘The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel’ Season 3: The top 9 most fabulous fashions

What fan of Amazon Prime’s Emmy favorite “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel” doesn’t want to devour the costumes worn by Rachel Brosnahan‘s stand-up comic Midge? They’ve got swing and sophistication. They’re delicious – and not fattening. What could be better? And, in theis photo gallery, we go into the fashion plate’s room-sized closet to pick out the top nine ensembles that she wears on the show’s third season.

Week after week, watching the newly divorced funny lady put on the Ritz is a little like playing Barbie dress-up, as if I were a little girl with a massive budget suitable for a big-screen period piece. For the most recent season, double Emmy-winning costume designer Donna Zakowska works her magic right in the era of Barbie’s birth – the cusp of the ’60s.

Zakowska told culturewhisper.com: “’I always think: ‘If I were Midge what would I wear.’ You always have to get out of yourself and out of your own personality. This is always true in fashion design. You have to become that person.”

What fans love about the costumes is what we love about Midge – they’re colorful, vibrant, independent, and on trend. And, yes, a little overcompensating for a single mother swerving between divorce and stardom. She pulls off the outfits unapologetically – but there’s always that bit of vulnerability.  Do I look OK? Is my bra strap showing? Have I stuck my kitten heel in my mouth again? Yes.

“The first season was a bit more Audrey Hepburn, while for season two I got a little bit more into Grace Kelly,” Zakowska told The Hollywood Reporter. “There’s a feeling of Grace Kelly still there in season three, but the first episode opens with Midge at a USO show at a military base, and for that I was inspired by the images of Marilyn Monroe … her sexy version of that rugged Army image was a big influence, and then I sort of Midge’d it up.”

Midge is definitely out of her comfort zone, traveling from Manhattan to garish Las Vegas and the candy-colored fantasia that is Miami Beach and the Fontainebleau Hotel. She loves coat sets, matchy-matchy colors, rocks the fit-and-flare dress and the wiggle sheath – and has a closetful of little black dresses. Hats and pocketbooks are a must for a polished look that says “I’m confident in my own skin but I prefer silk and an expensive frock that could glide onto the pages of Paris Vogue.” No tank-tops and flip-flops for our glam mama.

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