‘The Masked Singer’ clues and guesses: Find out who the Mushroom is before the finale on December 16

The Masked Singer” finale on December 16 will conclude with the crowning of the season 4 winner. Only three of the 18 celebrities in the singing competition remain in contention. They are disguised as the Crocodile, Mushroom and Sun. Of this talented trio, the best singer is the man hiding inside the Mushroom costume. And his real name leads the list of our best guesses as to their true identities.

We’ve been impressed by Mushroom since he first appeared on episode 5 as part of Group C. Since then he has made three more appearances on the show and is the last contestant from Group C in the hunt for the Golden Mask. We have rewatched all of his performances as well as the clues videos and interviews that he gave to host Nick Cannon. We think that the Mushroom is rapper Aloe Blacc, who is also part of the hip hop duo Emanon. Disagree? Take a minute to review our analysis and see how it all fits with Aloe’s life story.

We’ve recapped his appearances in each episode of “The Masked Singer” including the songs he performed and their original artists.

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Episode 5 – ‘This Woman’s Work’ by Maxwell
Mushroom started out underground in the rat race, in a job that may surprise us. Then his world turned upside down and he got a shot to turn a hobby into a career.

At first their talent went unrecognized, but they kept growing and growing until they finally got to be in the “shroom” where it happens.

There’s a twist, because although Mushroom is in a dress, it sounds like a male’s voice.

Episode 6 – ‘If I Could Turn Back Time’ by Cher
We see a young shroom in North Spore High School, toting a burn book which could be a clue to “Mean Girls.”  The Mushroom says he was once an outcast, someone who was called a nerd and weird.

He was around strange food and customs as a kid, but then realized we’re all entangled together as one. We also see shots of breakfast food —  a cup of orange juice, an orange slice, a fried egg — two black beetles and a Santa Claus in leopard print.

His magic clue is a brain on a platter.

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Episode 9 – ‘Unconditionally’ by Katy Perry
The Mushroom has had a blast throwing the panel off his scent and the only person who knows he’s competing is a real-life government agent, here to share some clues about Mushroom’s identity.

It sounds like this agent as known Mushroom since they were kids and there’s a creepy doll placed on this desk. Along with the doll we a see a bull and a boxing ring.

He reveals that Mushroom was class president in high school and had a GPA over 4.0.

We see initials “K.I.T.” which mean “keep in touch” in the context used, but they could mean something else if they’re a clue to his identity.

For a final clue we learn Mushroom’s name he goes by now was not his name when he first sprouted.

Episode 10 – ‘Valerie’ by Amy Winehouse
He came to share a message of unity through music. The pandemic has taken the life of someone close to him and he has pledged to make the best of every moment.

His super clue is a clock set to 3:00.

The additional clue in his safe reveals the Mushroom is connected to Robin. “I would love mixing it up with you again, because this is definitely not the first time we’ve connected.”

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