Here’s why ‘The Masked Singer’ will carry on despite coronavirus pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic has crippled much of the entertainment industry, with countless TV shows and movies being affected. People across the world are being asked to stay at home, which means no more studio audiences for talk shows, game shows, reality TV series, etc. So why is “The Masked Singer” carrying on every Wednesday night on Fox as if nothing is wrong in the world? It’s simple: the show finished filming Season 3 before all of this craziness took place.

Gold Derby has confirmed that all episodes of “The Masked Singer” are in the can, which means a winner has already been crowned. That’s good news indeed, as fans are clamoring to find out who’s hiding behind the remaining costumes on television’s most viral competition program. Imagine not finding out the winner of Season 3 until many months later — oh, the agony that would’ve been!

As of this writing there are 10 contestants still in the running to earn the coveted Golden Mask: Kangaroo, Turtle and White Tiger from Group A; Banana, Frog and Kitty from Group B; and Astronaut, Night Angel, Rhino and T-Rex from Group C. The Super 9 will be revealed on Wednesday, March 25 after another masked singer from Group C is eliminated. Then on April 1, get ready for a two-hour episode in which the nine finalists will perform together for the first time.

Over the course of the first eight episodes, viewers said goodbye to a whole host of famous faces: Lil Wayne (Robot), Drew Carey (Llama), Chaka Khan (Miss Monster), Tony Hawk (Elephant), Dionne Warwick (Mouse), Tom Bergeron (Taco), Sarah Palin (Bear) and Bella Thorne (Swan). Panelists Robin Thicke, Nicole Scherzinger, Jenny McCarthy and Ken Jeong only correctly predicted two of those: Khan and Warwick. Here’s hoping the judges’ guesses get better as the third season gears up for this next stage of competition.

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