‘The Masked Singer’ judges fail to guess Elephant’s identity in episode 4: Let’s track their Season 3 scores

After four episodes of “The Masked Singer” Season 3, things are not looking good for our panel of celebrity sleuths. Indeed, this week’s episode ended with a reveal none of them saw coming, as skateboard legend Tony Hawk was hiding underneath the Elephant mask. We’re tracking the judges’ scores all season long (see below), and so far only Robin Thicke and Nicole Scherzinger have been able to correctly guess a celeb’s true identity: Chaka Khan as Miss Monster.

The Elephant sang “Friday I’m In Love” by The Cure on Wednesday night while dressed in a cool, steel-looking black suit. “I do not do dance choreography at all,” he told host Nick Cannon after his performance, “but this costume and this mask gives me the confidence to go for it.”

Jenny McCarthy called the Elephant “courageous” and “brave” for coming out and performing despite not having a musical background. “Your performance made me feel like I could have the confidence to maybe do that some day,” she raved.

The other five competitors in Group B (Banana, Frog, Kitty, Mouse and Taco) received enough votes to send them through to next week’s episode, which meant the Elephant had to unmask in front of America. Before he did, the judges made their final guesses. Jenny picked cyclist Lance Armstrong, Ken Jeong went with politician Beto O’Rourke, Nicole opted for DJ Steve Aoki and Robin chose X Games stuntman Travis Pastrana. All wrong.

In his “Masked Singer” live blog, our recapper Denton Davidson had this to say about Elephant’s performance: “Just the tone of voice and the way he speaks gives me Jesse Ventura vibes. Elephant is singing ‘Friday I’m In Love’ by The Cure and now I can definitely tell you it is NOT Jesse Ventura. This singing voice is completely different than the masked speaking tone and he’s got a higher, pretty voice. This is not what I was expecting.”

Here’s our running tally of the judges’ scores so far in Season 3:

Robin Thicke: 1/4 — correctly guessed Chaka Khan as Miss Monster

Nicole Scherzinger: 1/4 — correctly guessed Chaka Khan as Miss Monster

Jenny McCarthy: 0/4 — no correct guesses so far

Ken Jeong: 0/4 — no correct guesses so far

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