‘The Masked Singer’ confession: LeAnn Rimes (Sun) was ‘crying behind the mask’ during judges’ comments of this song [WATCH]

Each and every week on “The Masked Singer,” LeAnn Rimes (formerly known as the Sun) wowed audiences with her powerful vocals and perfect song choices. That’s why no one was surprised when she claimed victory during the Season 4 finale, beating out Aloe Blacc (Mushroom) and Nick Carter (Crocodile). Following her triumphant unmasking, Rimes confessed the judges were so kind during her semi-finals performance of Billie Eilish‘s “When the Party’s Over” that she was literally “crying behind the mask.” Watch her unmasked interview above.

“I love that song,” the former child star said about the Eilish hit, calling it an “emotional roller coaster ride.” At that stage in the competition, Rimes wanted to do something she thought “no one else would do, which was to come out and sing a cappella and to really bring the emotion” at a time when she felt “everybody would go for these big, belting moments.”

The panelists went gaga for that performance, with guest star Craig Robinson declaring, “All my life I’ve felt the heat of the sun. I had never heard the voice of the sun until now.” Regular judge Nicole Scherzinger tearfully chimed in, “I just love you. That’s the reason why I love music so much, it trounces anything. You have such a gift.”

“There was so much love that came from the judges, especially during the Billie Eilish performance,” noted Rimes. “I was crying behind the mask just from the amount of love and just to see, like truly, how moved they were by that. There was no act being put on. I got lost in that performance and the vulnerability that it takes to come out there like that. To see that reflected back at me was really nice.”

Rimes then laughed, “There’s so much going on behind that mask, you have no idea. There’s anticipation and nervousness and a lot of small lessons that are really important.” Holding up her golden Sun mask, Rimes thanked it for helping her win the trophy, though she added, “You’ve been very difficult at times. But it’s okay. I have much love for you.”

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