‘The Masked Singer’ spoilers: Miss Monster is …

On episode two of “The Masked Singer,” which aired on FOX on February 5, five celebrities returned to sing for survival. All of them had appeared on the kick-off show on Super Bowl Sunday. Each was clad in an elaborate costume that disguised their real identities. What they couldn’t keep under wraps were their distinctive voices. Of these, the one with the best pipes of the bunch was the contestant inside the Miss Monster costume.

We’ve been busy rewatching her scorching cover of Bonnie Raitt‘s signature song “Something to Talk About.” We are more convinced than ever that we know who is hiding behind that Miss Monster mask. And it wasn’t one of the judges guesses of Mary J. Blige, Dolly Parton and Dionne Warwick. Keep reading as we’ve got all “The Masked Singer” spoilers, including the real name of Miss Monster.

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Miss Monster just has to be Chaka Khan. The clues video that played before she sang showed us Miss Monster walking down the halls of a school and opening up locker with the number 10. That just happens to match the exact count of Grammys that Chaka has collected over the past three decades. She has racked up a whopping 22 Grammy Awards nominations (as a group, the season 3 contestants have earned 69 Grammy nominations).

Chaka is called the Queen of Funk for good reason. She has sold a staggering 70 million records worldwide. Those sales have translated into three solo gold albums and four with Rufus (remember, “The Masked Singer” season 3 contestants have a total of 88 gold records).

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Miss Monster ended her video with the simple request:”Will you still love me without knowing my name?” That is the title of one of Chaka’s biggest hits: the 1995 song “Will You Love Me?”

We will only find out if Chaka Khan is Miss Monster when she is unmasked. And that will only happen if she loses a showdown or wins the show. Do you think we are right about the true identity of Miss Monster? Sound off in the comments section with your best guesses.

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