‘The Masked Singer’ spoilers: Who is the Mouse?

Six new celebrities take to the stage on episode 4 of season 2 of “The Masked Singer,” which airs Wednesday (February 19) on FOX.  We’re only three episodes in but have had to say goodbye to a trio of talent (Lil Wayne, Drew Carey and Chaka Khan) who were disguised as the Robot, Llama and Miss Monster respectively. The new crop of talent are hidden inside costumes of a Banana, Elephant, Frog, Kitty, Mouse and Taco.

We’ve been doing lots of detective work since the first promotional ads aired touting their upcoming appearances on “The Masked Singer.” Of the six contestants competing in Group B, the one we are most sure of knowing is the Mouse. Keep reading for “The Masked Singer” spoilers on the name of the Mouse.

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The video for the Mouse is packed with clues that point us in the direction of Paris Hilton, the socialite turned reality TV star. Don’t believe us? Well consider the following:

The house of the Mouse is a mansion in Beverly Hills with the numerical address of 3340; back in 2007, Paris bought herself a 8,000 square foot crib located at 3340 Clerendon Road, Beverly Hills.

The buzzer at the gate is glittery and gold; we know that Paris loves all things gilded and gold.

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The Mouse has a pet chihuahua that loves to prance around in a tutu; for years, Paris toted around her beloved Tinkerbell, a chihuahua that she dressed in all things pink.

The Mouse is prone to wearing pink sweatpants and Ugg boots; that was the signature look of Paris on her hit MTV reality show “The Simple Life.”

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We will only find out if we were right that the Mouse is Paris Hilton when she is unmasked. That will happen if she loses a popular vote or wins the show. Do you think we are correct in our guess about the real name of the Mouse? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section with your best guesses.

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