The Queen vs. Boston Rob Mariano: Is a battle royale already brewing on ‘Survivor: Winners at War’? [POLL]

Not too long ago, two of the best players to ever compete on “Survivor,” Rob Mariano and Sandra Diaz-Twine were getting along fabulously in their roles as mentors to the Season 39 cast on “Island of the Idols.” Those were the days when they warmly greeted unexpecting visitors on the beach while standing beside giant replicas of their heads. The twosome seemed to delight in each other’s company as they tried to trick the castaways into too quickly agreeing to participate in a test or perform a task to possibly win an advantage.

And what fun Rob and Sandra had in their “love shack,” as they secretly eavesdropped and spied on the participants during tribal councils without being seen while Sandra’s often-salty commentary got bleeped. They weren’t playing the game, they were part of the game and they were having fun. Until they weren’t.  During a preview episode setting up this week’s premiere of the all-winners 40th season of the CBS reality show, Sandra realized that her beach buddy Rob hid the fact that he was participating along with his wife and fellow champ Amber Mariano.

As the Queen said on camera, “I’m shocked to see Rob and Amber,” a scowling Sandra states. “I spent 36 days with Boston Rob on ‘Island of the Idols,’ and Boston Rob never told me he was playing again. So I definitely feel betrayed.” As we saw on the first episode, hell hath no fury like a Sandra scorned. Rob for now is out of her reach since she is a member of the red Dakal tribe and he is part of the blue Sele tribe.

However, Sandra — the only player to win the game twice — used her mighty powers of persuasion to convince her tribe mates that Amber should be the first of the red team to be eliminated and sent to the limbo land known as the Edge of Extinction.

At a special red carpet event in Los Angeles, Rob had a chance to explain his hesitation to divulge his and Amber’s participation in “Winners at War.” He said, “I come from the old school mentality that the game starts when Jeff (Probst) says go.”

Fair enough. However, it does seem that Sandra did take out her frustrations with Rob not sharing his news by encouraging her teammates to vote Amber out. Meanwhile, Rob has formed an alliance with his self-described diabolical fellow Sele Parvati Shallow. We will likely see next week whether his decision to keep secrets from Sandra and align with Parvati was the right move. Take the poll below and pick your choice of what might happen on the second episode of Season 40.

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