‘The Voice’ Blind Auditions Night 5: Who will be the final artists to join Season 18? [UPDATING LIVE BLOG]

It’s the final night to join “The Voice” for Season 18 with Blind Auditions wrapping up Monday. After the first four shows of this winter/spring season, here’s how many slots are remaining for artists to fill this week:

Three-time coaching champ Kelly Clarkson has eight and needs two more.

Six-time winner Blake Shelton has eight and needs two more.

One-time champ John Legend has seven and needs three more.

Newcomer Nick Jonas has eight and needs two more.

Enjoy our previous four Blind Auditions recaps from Monday, February 24, Tuesday, February 25, Monday, March 2 and Monday, March 9. Read the full recaps by clicking on those dates. Follow along with our updating live blog throughout the season as we provide instant commentary about each performer and song.

When battle rounds start next week, look for the following special advisors for each coach:

Team Blake (Bebe Rexha)
Team Kelly (Dua Lipa)
Team Legend (Ella Mai)
Team Nick (Jonas Brothers)

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And now here we go with our live blog for Night 5 on Monday, March 16:

8:01 p.m. – Tonight’s blind audition finale episode kicked off with a very special performance of Nick’s hit single “Jealous” with the other coaches in support. And it’s SO good!! Make this America’s next great supergroup!

8:04 p.m. – And while that was a great audition for that supergroup, the first real audition of the night was for Micah Iverson. Within seconds of his journey into “All I Want,” Kelly was already gushing, and it took her only a bit longer to hit her button, but Nick and Blake weren’t going to let her grab him without putting up a fight. John regretted not turning for what he called an “ethereal tone,” but that became the opportunity Kelly needed to score the first male vocalist on her team! One spot left!

8:20 p.m.Brittney Allen comes to the show this season following a dark, music-less year in her life following the death of her mother. For her audition she put a new spin on “Dancing on My Own” that put all the coaches in a swaying trance. John was the only one to come out of it, making it in automatic placement for him! Because the other coaches are down to their last spots they told her they’re being more selective, but remained complimentary of her talent. John liked the song choice and the “contours” of her voice.

8:30 p.m. – Next up was Tracey Preston, who grew up singing in her church choir and cites singers like Whitney and Aretha as her main influences. She decided to go uptempo with “Rock Steady” as her audition and while it didn’t take long to get the studio audience on their feet, it took until after the song had ended for the coaches’ chairs to turn. Kelly blamed the lack of chair turns on it being so late in the process that they were all being super picky.

8:39 p.m.Cam Spinks was exactly the kind of singer that Blake was hoping would audition next, a guitar-playing Alabaman male vocalist. Surprisingly Blake didn’t jump on his rendition of “Wave on Wave” immediately, even as the other coaches looked to him wondering why he hadn’t turned yet. Eventually he did hit his button, getting a challenge from Kelly at the last second. Both told him that they love the elements of his voice that straddle country and rock, but Cam took the safe route and joined Team Blake.

8:45 p.m. – The next singer was hoping to surprise the coaches with his ska & reggae take on “Can’t Help Falling in Love.” Anders Drerup was able to impress Nick with that song selection because it offered him an opportunity to collaborate and take risks throughout the competition.

8:52 p.m. – R&B/soul vocalist Mandi Castillo decided to perform the Spanish-language song “Asi fue” for her blind audition, a risk that paid off big time with all four coaches throwing their hats in the ring for her! Nick got emotional when he commended Mandi for representing for her culture, but the others put up a fight. Blake called her voice “unbelievable” despite not understanding the lyrics, John pointed out that he’s worked with her influences Mariah and Sade before and Kelly made it clear that she can relate to her on a Mariah-loving level. Ultimately, Mandi went with her gut and selected John!

9:05 p.m. – Outside of singing, Kailey Abel‘s passion comes from being a foster sibling to kids who need temporary homes. That passion fueled her deep, raspy audition to “Forever Young.” Somehow Blake was the only chair to turn for Kailey’s unique voice, and boy were they both excited about it. Blake was particularly proud that it was an automatic win for him, expecting her to be in the finale. And with Kailey, Blake’s team is full!

9:17 p.m. – 68 year old bodybuilder Tyrone “Mr. Superfantastic” Perkins was set to be the oldest artist in “Voice” history if he earned a spot on a team with his audition of “Stormy Monday,” but unfortunately his swag didn’t suit anyone this season. John thought his performance was “kitschy and fun,” but failed to show how it would translate into something that would work on the show.

9:21 p.m. – With only three spots left to fill, Gigi Hess needed to knock it out of the park with her performance of “Lovesong.” But Gigi barely took a swing at the notes before Kelly was slamming her button! Since no one else turned it was yet another automatic placement tonight, but everyone on the panel agreed that it was a perfect match of artist and coach. Gigi became Kelly’s 11th female vocalist and closed out her acquisitions!

9:33 p.m.Kevin Farris was determined to broaden his audience and inspire kids with his audition of “Home.” John was a quick fan of Kevin’s upbeat, bluegrass-style performance, but Nick wasn’t going to let him go that easily.  Nick was interested in exploring what kind of other styles Kevin would be interested in exploring, going as far as performing with him on stage to help win him over. That was all it took for Kevin to join Team Nick and leave John as the coach with the last remaining spot to fill.

9:44 p.m.Allison Grace was the first artist to attempt to fill John’s last spot with her audition of “Don’t Know Why,” but her very faithful interpretation of the song wasn’t enough to win John over. For him it was too restrained and he didn’t hear enough power in her voice.

9:49 p.m. – The next hopeful was Cedrice, a 28 year old that has actually only been singing for three years. She called her audition of “Fever” a little bit of Peggy Lee and a little bit of Beyonce. It was clear from the minute she began singing that John was a fan, but he held off a bit before turning. Eventually Kelly took a peek (since she couldn’t turn her own chair) and was screaming “oh my god” in the disappointment of not being able to fight for her! It was an excellent grab for John and Cedrice was super happy that she got on his team because it’s the one she wanted to join!

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