‘The Walking Dead’ episode 14 preview trailer: Carol’s secret plan could result in death in ‘Look at the Flowers’ [WATCH]

“It’s done,” declares Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) in a preview trailer of this Sunday’s new episode of “The Walking Dead.” Negan has cut the literal head off of The Whisperers, but trouble may just be beginning for the survivors of the Hilltop battle. Watch the video clip above for Season 10, Episode 14, titled “Look at the Flowers,” which airs Sunday, March 29 on AMC.

Carol (Melissa McBride) triumphantly places the severed head of Alpha (Samantha Morton) on a pike at the Whisperers’ border. The grieving mother once again proved she is not to be messed with, and successfully kept her secret plot with Negan under wraps. It’s apparent that she promised Negan something big in exchange for carrying out the plan. “I held up my end, now hold up yours,” he barks. Did Carol promise him freedom? Her fellow Alexandrians may not be too happy with her rogue decision.

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Though Carol’s revenge is complete, Beta’s (Ryan Hurst) vengeance is about to begin. A brief shot displays Beta holding Alpha’s decapitated skull, almost as if in prayer. Beta is arguably more insane and ruthless than Alpha ever was. He is a true believer in the Whisperer way of life, and will be out for blood after Negan’s betrayal.

It’s worth noting that the ominous episode title “Look at the Flowers” refers to Carol’s traumatic execution of Lizzie back in the Season 4 episode, “The Grove.” Does this mean Carol will have to kill again? She might have to put down Negan if Alexandria refuses to grant him freedom. Or the title may refer to the death of Carol herself, possibly at the hands of a vengeful Beta. It’s difficult to contemplate either outcome, especially after such a brutal battle.

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Elsewhere, a few characters look to be leaving Virginia for a while. Eugene (Josh McDermitt) confesses to his radio communications with the mysterious Stephanie. It turns out he won’t be making the journey to his date alone. Hilltop leaders Ezekiel (Khary Payton) and Yumiko (Eleanor Matsuura) accompany the tech nerd on horseback in hopes of finding a new community to work with. Hopefully Ezekiel’s cancer does not worsen on the road. Tune in to “The Walking Dead” this Sunday to find out what Eugene discovers.

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