‘Top Chef: Last Chance Kitchen’: Game of chicken between Jamie Lynch and Joe Sasto, and it’s ‘going to be a brawl’ [WATCH]

“It’s pretty frustrating to be out of the competition so early,” says “Top Chef: All-Stars L.A.” contestant Jamie Lynch about being eliminated in the episode “Strokes of Genius.” “I haven’t had a whole lot of success with chicken in this competition. I would love to be able to come out on top.” Lynch had a chance to get back into the game by competing on “Last Chance Kitchen” against Joe Sasto, still alive after winning last week’s “Last Chance” episode. So who came out on top this time? Watch the episode above.

This isn’t Lynch’s first rodeo. He previously competed on the show in season 14 and won four “Last Chance” challenges in a row, though he didn’t ultimately make it back into the main competition. Sasto thinks that makes Lynch “a force to be reckoned with at this point, but those four wins were quite some time ago.” Them’s fighting words! As Lynch points out, “This is going to be kind of a brawl.”

Lynch was eliminated for an overcooked chicken dish, so host Tom Colicchio gave him a chance to redeem himself with that dreaded ingredient, though Lynch insists that the only reason his chicken was dry in “Strokes of Genius” was that it took the judges so long to taste it. Colicchio wasn’t buying that for one second, so he had fun toying with the two dueling chefs by making them bid against each other for the amount of time and the number of ingredients they would need to prepare an entire dish.

The two cocky competitors boldly stared each other down, but thankfully settled on 20 minutes and a lucky seven total ingredients — any less and this might have become a flavorless salmonella challenge. Lynch decided to fry boneless, skinless chicken breast, which Colicchio thought was a questionable choice to say the least. Meanwhile, Sasto took a risk by trying to make liver and onions with a lightning-fast jus.

The verdict? Colicchio actually liked both dishes the chefs served, but Joe Sasto won again! And poor Lynch was done in by jus for the second time in a row: in “Strokes of Genius” his dish lacked the necessary jus to keep his chicken moist, and in “Last Chance” his competitor used that sauce against him. That means Lynch is done for good in this season of “All-Stars,” and I have a feeling that if he never sees chicken again it’ll be too soon.

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