Trevor Gureckis (‘Servant’) discusses composing ‘the score to be different at all times’ [EXCLUSIVE VIDEO INTERVIEW]

“I definitely wanted to create new and interesting sounds and things that really spoke to the uniqueness of the story line and the characters, who are dealing with this quite extraordinary experience,” reveals Trevor Gureckis in his exclusive interview with Gold Derby about composing the score for the Apple TV+ drama “Servant” starring Lauren Ambrose (watch the video above). He notes that about the endeavor under showrunner M. Night Shyamalan, “The idea of making it weirder was a pursuit of making it sound like nothing sounded like anything else, so he wanted the score to be different at all times and unique and he reacted against things that sounded normal.”

Instead of falling back on his old favorites of the clarinet and piano, Gureckis says, “You just pick up something, see what you can do,” which meant learning violin in this case. He explains, “You can do some modern techniques on violin and not be a real violinist. I took a couple lessons to make sure I was holding it right with the bow, but I can’t play a real melody on it because that’s real technique, but I can do effects and I was using a pencil and a toothbrush.” The latter apparently added “a little bounciness” to compositions.

Gureckis contends at the Emmys in the Best Series Music category for his work on the episode titled “Boba.” He justifies the selection for submission, “The music really takes a step up.” He says that this eighth of the first season’s 10 half-hour episodes “musically, was a really interesting one” overall and laughs that it “has the most intense, crazy, violin music actually ⁠— the most intense violin playing as well.” The episode also contains a track titled “Gone” that might be Gureckis’ singular showcase of the season. Calling it “a bigger piece” that is characterized by “huge, loud cues,” he notes about its context, “That was when the baby disappears and it’s a really crazy piece, as some of the themes that come out throughout the score all mash together.”

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