Was Tyson’s peanut butter purchase on ‘Survivor: Winners at War’ a deliciously good move, or a bad nut? [POLL]

We’re about one-half of the way through “Survivor: Winners at War,” and viewers have finally seen how the fire tokens can be used to impact a person’s game. In the sixth episode, Tyson Apostol found an idol nullifier at the Edge of Extinction after the clue told the players to turn over stones. While Rob Mariano and Amber Mariano climbed the cliff, Tyson was the only castaway who realized that the phrase “Then again, sometimes you’re just in the right place at the right time” referred to the tide coming in.

Tyson sold the idol nullifier to Parvati Shallow for one of her four fire tokens. “Boom! I’m the proud papa of a fire token,” Tyson exclaimed. “So now I have to decide what to do with it.” Many players would have pocketed the fire token in the hopes of acquiring more in the future. Not Tyson. He quickly cashed it in … for a jar of peanut butter. Do you think this former winner of “Survivor: Blood vs. Water” made a deliciously good move by using his fire token for peanut butter? Vote in our poll below.

The Edge of Extinction price list offers both “strategic” and “luxury” choices for the voted-out players. There are two “strategic” options: an advantage in the return challenge for one fire token (maximum of three advantages) or an immunity idol with full power for three tokens. As for the “luxury” options, the following are available for one fire token apiece: one pizza, jar of peanut butter, bottle of wine, six-pack of pack cold beer and a hammock.

Tyson declared that he didn’t want to buy the immunity idol because, “If I wasted three tokens on this and never got back in the game, I would look the fool. But I’m not a fool … I don’t think.” He gave no explanation for why he didn’t use the fire token to buy an advantage in the return challenge. With the all-important comeback comp on the horizon, it seems like that would have been a no-brainer, right?

“My only option is to purchase something from the menu at the mast, which is peanut butter,” he revealed before removing the huge jar from his bag. Using a shell as a spoon, Tyson ate mouthful after mouthful of the peanut butter and still had a huge amount left over. “Look how big this thing is! That makes me so happy.”

Tyson added, “I feel like eating the little bit of peanut butter each day would boost my spirits mentally. I’m doing something sneaky and hilarious, and [it will] get me the extra calories that will then help me for the challenge. Some slack-jawed yokel from who knows where probably wouldn’t know all the great nutritional stuff that peanut butter has, but I do.” He kissed the jar and announced, “Thanks Parv.”

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