Is Victoria Cocieru overrated on ‘Project Runway’? The judges are ‘obsessed’ with her, says one fellow designer [POLL]

Victoria Cocieru got her fifth high score in a row on “Project Runway” this week in “There is Only One You.” But has she really been as good as the judges seem to think she is? Backstage, one of her fellow designers, Brittany Allen, said the judges are “obsessed with her” and it may be more than just sour grapes. Is Cocieru really a genius, or is she overrated? Scroll down to vote in our poll at the bottom of this post.

Normally, you should take one designer’s shade with a grain of salt, especially if they’re upset someone else beat them in a design challenge. But this is becoming a pattern. Eliminated designer Tyler Neasloney commented during an after-show that Cocieru keeps creating similar silhouettes. Then she made another familiar look that received a high score in “Sew 80’s,” and Nancy Volpe-Beringer complained backstage, “It’s the same.”

This week, to Cocieru’s credit, she did mix things up, but Allen wasn’t the only one nonplussed by her design. Even Christian Siriano wasn’t too sure about her asymmetrical baby blue space alien look. For that matter, even the judges were divided on it (Elaine Welteroth thought it was more appropriate for a superhero challenge than a personal heritage challenge), but even with mixed reviews they still put her in their top three.

It is starting to seem like they’ll give her looks the benefit of the doubt when they wouldn’t necessarily give it to another designer. It’s rankling the other contestants, and even before this challenge result Cocieru said she was feeling “guilty” about all her high scores. She worries there may be a target on her back, so maybe she should try to throw the next challenge so she’s not such an object of derision in the workroom. But at this point she could potentially win a ballgown challenge with a burlap sack.

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