Heidi Klum compares Shakir and Rehan Khan to ‘America’s Got Talent: Champions’ winners V.Unbeatable [WATCH]

A dancing duo from India managed to simultaneously melt hearts and send them racing during Tuesday night’s third episode of “America’s Got Talent.” 25-year old Shakir Khan and his nine-year old cousin Rehan Khan may have seemed like an odd pairing when they first appeared on stage, but they quickly gave judges Simon Cowell, Heidi Klum, Sofia Vergara and Howie Mandel plenty to gush about. Watch Shakir and Rehan’s audition video above.

“Shakir and Rehan are cousins, but they’re just like real brothers,” said their interpreter. “They look out for each other. Shakir started dancing when he was eight years old. When Rehan saw his cousin dancing, he wanted to be just like him. He begged Shakir to teach him some moves and they spend all their time dancing. It changed his world.”

“He is like my big brother,” Rehan told the camera. “I look up to him.” Both Shakir and Rehan come from a small village that has very few opportunities. This is the biggest opportunity of their lives and when Heidi asked, “What do you think about America so far?,” Rehan gave her an enthusiastic thumbs up and replied, “My dream.”

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Nobody was quite sure how these two would perform together so when Shakir began throwing Rehan through the air like a rag doll it naturally shocked the audience. But slowly the routine proved to be a beautiful portrayal of a man and his young shadow, fluttering about beside him. Their acrobatic dance skills thrilled the audience and following their routine the crowd responded with a standing ovation.

“It really is amazing how much talent is coming out of India,” said Heidi. “You know, V.Unbeatable won ‘America’s Got Talent Champions’ and it’s amazing what you guys can do.” Howie added, “You guys epitomize what this show is about. It’s about love and acceptance and talent!”

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“I thought it was spectacular,” gushed Sofia. “I loved how synchronized you guys are. It was like watching a mirror and it looked beautiful.” Finally, Simon gave them the final stamp of approval they were seeking. “You are so likable,” said the critical judge.  “You have fantastic chemistry together. People are going to root for you!” And with that, Shakir and Rehan were sent sailing into the next round.

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