‘Westworld’ cast explained: Who’s a robot, who’s a human?

HBO’s Emmy-winningWestworld” is a sprawling mystery full of shocking twists and turns, all brought to life by a massive ensemble. If the dense story has you stuck in a lop trying to remember each character, look no further. Above, explore our photo gallery of the “Westworld” cast explained to find out who’s alive, who’s a host and who’s just programming.

Evan Rachel Wood as Dolores Abernathy
The first host ever created and the first to solve “the maze” and become fully conscious. The realization that her whole life has been a series of “loops,” Dolores leads a bloody uprising against humans. She escapes the park to continue her plan for justice and vengeance in the real world.

Thandie Newton as Maeve Millay
Maeve is a host who originally served as a brothel madam in Westworld, but becomes one of the first hosts to gain consciousness. After some tinkering with her AI grants her near god-like powers over other hosts, Maeve sacrificed herself so her daughter and other hosts could reach a digital paradise known as “The Valley Beyond.”

Jeffrey Wright as Bernard Lowe
In Season 1 viewers shockingly learn that programming specialist Bernard is a host himself, having been crafted in the image of park co-creator Arnold. Bernard is shot down during the battle inside the park, but Dolores sneaks off the premises with his data and builds him a new body.

Ed Harris as William aka The Man in Black
A mysterious antagonist obsessed with Westorld and solving the secrets of its hidden game: “the maze.” His obsession leads him to kill his daughter and be left for dead by Dolores. But a post-credit scene for Season 2 calls into question whether he lives on in some non-human form.

Tessa Thompson as Charlotte Hale
Charlotte is the executive director of the Delos Corporation who was murdered by Delores during the massacre inside Westworld. Dolores created a host version of Charlotte to upload her own consciousness in and escape the park, but a newly made Dolores-bot leaves Charlotte open to host a new personality.

Aaron Paul as Caleb Nichols
Caleb is a new character in Season 3 and lives in the real world outside of the park.  The war veteran works as a construction worker while also accepting nefarious heist jobs for extra cash, which leads him to Dolores.

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