‘World of Dance’ Duels: ‘Spring has sprung’ for Kurtis Sprung, but did he bring the emotions he lacked in round one? [WATCH]

Contemporary soloist Kurtis Sprung had his work cut out for him during the “World of DanceDuels when he was pitted against Styles and Emma, the ballet duo that already gave Jennifer Lopez goosies during the Qualifiers. But you wouldn’t know it from his enthusiastic reaction to seeing his rivals when they all walked out onto the stage. I’ve gotta say, it was refreshing to see such warm affection between competitors following hip-hop crews giving each other stank face — all in good fun, of course. But even with that mutual admiration, Sprung still had to try to blow them off the stage. How did he do? Watch his performance above to find out.

During the Qualifiers, the biggest criticism that the judges gave Sprung was that he was too emotionally reserved and needed to wear his heart on his sleeve. He took that to heart and based his routine on his off-again and now on-again relationship with his girlfriend Angel, who was watching from the audience.

“One thing I admired about your performance is that you gave everything,” Derek Hough told him, though he thought there was too much empty space in-between the routine’s impactful moments. Ne-Yo felt he figured out this time how to better translate his emotions into movement. And Lopez said to the lighter-than-air dancer, “You have wings … It’s like you dance on the edge of emotion.”

And the emotions won out, as they often do on “World of Dance.” Even though Styles and Emma gave a beautifully athletic performance to counter Sprung’s routine, Ne-Yo and Lopez voted Sprung as the winner of their face-off (“Spring has sprung,” she told him). Hough gave the edge to Styles and Emma, but majority rules during the Duels, which means Sprung advances to the Semi-Finals while Styles and Emma will have to wait to see if guest judge Stephen “Twitch” Boss decides to bring them back for the redemption round. What did you think of the judges’ decision? Vote below to let us know.

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