‘World of Dance’ redemption round: Styles and Emma saved the best for last, but was it too little, too late? [WATCH]

Ballet duo Styles and Emma may go down in “World of Dance” history as a cautionary tale: dance every routine like it might be your last. They wowed the judges during the Qualifiers, but then they were upset during the Duels and left the judges wondering if they had anything more to offer. Luckily for them, guest judge Stephen “Twitch” Boss chose them to perform again during the redemption round, but was it too little too late? Watch their redemption routine above.

This was the team that already gave Jennifer Lopez goosies in the Qualifiers, but their Duel didn’t quite rise to the same level. Their opponent, contemporary soloist Kurtis Sprung, noticeably improved from his Qualifiers performance, having taken the judges’ notes about improving his emotional expression. So Sprung won the Duel in a split decision, leaving Styles and Emma praying for a second chance.

They got that second chance from Twitch, who picked them and urban dance team Oxygen for the redemption round. But just 15 seconds into their performance Derek Hough was already asking, “Why is it stronger?” By then they had already shown more dynamic moves than they did during their whole initial Duel. The same was true for Oxygen, who lost their Duel against Geometrie Variable after abandoning most of the shapes and formations that impressed the judges the first time.

In fact, it seemed that the redemption routines from Styles and Emma and from Oxygen were both better than any of the Duels performances given by anyone in the Upper Division, so if only they’d performed these routines the first time they would have handily won and advanced to the Semi-Finals without having to fight for a comeback. Hough was “infuriated” that he had to make such a tough choice during the redemption round because it meant eliminating someone who had a winning performance in them all along.

Unfortunately, it was Styles and Emma who suffered as a result. They were eliminated from the competition once and for all, going from goosies to goose egg because they held back when they should have gone for broke. On “World of Dance,” you can’t save anything for the next round, because there might not be a next round.

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