The Rise (‘World of Dance’ Duels) survived their callback, but did they survive a pack of badass dancing bellboys? [WATCH]

World of Dance” season four has been a turbulent ride for The Rise, led by Myson Junior who previously competed on the show with the group Elektro Crew. One member of the team fell during the Qualifiers, so the judges invited them to the Callbacks, where they fought their way back to earn a spot in the Duels. They were pitted against UPeepz, whom the judges also had a few reservations about during the Qualifiers round. Watch The Rise above to see how they did.

The Rise brought a welcome queer energy to their hip-hop number, voguing and strutting through “Don’t Cha” by Pussycat Dolls with a confidence that would’ve made “Pose’s” Pray Tell proud. But Ne-Yo started his comments with a critique: “The one thing that bothered me, the one and only thing, was the trick. I could see the effort in the flip.” And no wonder: that dancer was doing back flips in four-inch heels.

But guest judge Stephen “Twitch” Boss was more enthusiastic, saying, “I’m not supposed to be getting hype about an all-dude group dancing to ‘Don’t Cha’ … Y’all found such incredible pockets of that music. You painted pictures and sounds in that music.” Derek Hough admitted, “This is a difficult duel, I’m not gonna lie.” But Ne-Yo liked how close it was between The Rise and UPeepz “because that means everybody is absolutely amazing.”

But there could be only one winner. And it truly was close. Despite his one criticism about the flip, Ne-Yo voted for The Rise as the winner of the face-off, while Jennifer Lopez went with UPeepz for their performance as badass bellboys. That left Hough to cast the deciding vote, and he agreed with Lopez, which means UPeepz goes straight to the Semi-Finals while The Rise’s topsy-turvy season continues as they wait to find out if Twitch liked them enough to grant them another chance in the redemption round. Do you think they deserve another shot?

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