‘World of Dance’ preview: Jennifer Lopez wonders how Geometrie Variable got so sexy during the Semi-Finals [WATCH]

After weeks of preliminary rounds, “World of Dance” has finally arrived at its main stage for the Semi-Finals. It was hard to know exactly how well this season’s acts would adapt to the bright lights of that big performance space, especially Geometrie Variable, the tutting trio whose strength is their small, precise movements. Were they overshadowed by their new environs? Watch their performance above to find out.

“Okay, how did they just make this sexy? I don’t understand that,” says Jennifer Lopez in the middle of their performance to Ellie Goulding‘s “Tessellate,” for which they were serving up Christian Grey realness in their business attire: white dress shirts and blue ties. They use a prop too, a square-shaped umbrella to complement the shapes they were making with their hands and arms — and their ties, don’t forget their ties.

But will it be enough? I’ve been skeptical of this trio’s long-term potential on the show since their style is all about intricate details and not the big dramatic flourishes that usually do well in this competition. But they stuck to their guns during the Duels and doubled down on the quality of movement that made them stand out in the first place. They ended up winning their duel against the team Oxygen, who changed up their approach and disappointed the judges.

However, Oxygen got a second chance in the redemption round and won a spot in the Semi-Finals anyway, so Geometrie Variable still has to face them. And the performance that won Oxygen redemption probably would have beaten Geometrie Variable during their duel if only they had performed that showstopping routine in the first place. However, the preview video doesn’t include any judges’ comments or final decisions, so we’ll have to wait to find out how well this performance holds up against the rest of the Upper Division field.

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