Yul Kwon blasts ‘Survivor’ for lack of screen time: ‘Should I feel sad?’

Survivor” fan-fave Yul Kwon, aka the winner of “Cook Islands” 14 years ago and current front-runner to claim victory on “Winners at War,” is blasting the reality TV show for his lack of screen time in the second episode. “Should I feel sad that, for the purposes of screen time, all the strategizing I did last episode was apparently less interesting than breadfruit?” Yul asked with a wink on Instagram. “I bet if breadfruit had an Instagram account, it would have more followers than me.” All jokes aside, do you agree that Yul deserves to be seen more on Season 40? Sound off down in the comments section.

Yul’s “breadfruit” comment, of course, was in reference to all of the screen time that was devoted to his Dakal tribe creating a bamboo ladder and climbing a tree to retrieve their next meal. Tony Vlachos spearheaded that fun moment, while other tribe members like Tyson Apostol were seen worrying about his safety.

A second Instagram post on Yul’s account depicted Kim Spradlin-Wolfe feasting on a coconut while Yul’s hand was barely visible in the background. “Proof that I was in tonight’s episode,” Yul wrote sarcastically. And a third photo focusing entirely on a breadfruit was captioned by Yul, “This is my sum contribution to tonight’s episode.”

Of course, we’ll just have to trust Yul that he spent time “strategizing” on days four, five and six, as none of that was shown to “Survivor” audiences. Since his Dakal tribe won the immunity challenge, much of the episode was devoted to the shenanigans over at the Sele beach. To recap, Sele ended up sending Danni Boatwright to the Edge of Extinction after she dared to cross paths with Parvati Shallow.

The two-hour season premiere was a completely different story for Yul. Much time was devoted to him being an “old school” player who was out of the loop with the “Survivor” community. Don’t forget, it was Yul who first brought up the “poker alliance” that helped end Amber Mariano‘s journey. We also saw him create a tight bond with other loners like Wendell Holland, Nick Wilson and Sophie Clarke.

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