2021 Emmys live blog: Let’s dish the best, worst winners and moments of the CBS telecast [UPDATING LIVE]

Cedric the Entertainer hosted the 2021 Emmy Awards on Sunday, September 19 in a live ceremony on CBS. A whopping 27 Emmys were handed out over the course of three hours in categories celebrating the best in comedy, drama, limited, reality and variety from the 2020-21 TV season. Heading into Sunday’s telecast, “The Queen’s Gambit” is coming off nine wins at the Creative Arts Emmys while “The Mandalorian” and “Saturday Night Live” have a lucky seven each.

Read our live blog of 2021 Emmys reactions from editors and contributors as they react to all the winners, losers, speeches and moments from Sunday night. Providing hot takes and factoids are Chris Beachum, John Benutty, Charles Bright, David Buchanan, Marcus James Dixon, Sam Eckmann, Joyce Eng, Luca Giliberti, Kevin Jacobsen, Rob Licuria, Daniel Montgomery, Chris Rosen and Tony Ruiz.

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Daniel Montgomery: Is this the first time streaming won all three top series awards on the same night?

Marcus James Dixon: Thanks to “The Crown” and “The Queen’s Gambit,” Netflix has now won its first and second series trophies EVER.

Marcus James Dixon; Thank God Scott isn’t talking.

Daniel Montgomery: Is “Mare of Easttown” the first movie/limited series to win three acting awards but not Best Limited Series or Best TV Movie?

LIMITED SERIES: “The Queen’s Gambit”

Marcus James Dixon: Rob did you go 7-for-7 in drama?

Charlie Bright: You’re delusional about that Menzies win Rob.

Rob Licuria: The Crown does a clean sweep tonight. Deserved.

Rob Licuria: I’m sad for THT. It was an incredible season.

Daniel Montgomery: “The Crown” won 11 awards this year, just one shy of the “Game of Thrones” record

Luca Giliberti: I am sending Aunt Lydia to voters’ homes.

Charlie Bright: Handmaid’s is completely shut out. Our condolences to the show’s crew and to Luca.

Daniel Montgomery: Need for Emmy reform in a nutshell: across 14 series categories tonight, only 3 shows won awards. That doesn’t even happen at the Daytime Emmys with only four soap operas left on the air.


Marcus James Dixon: I haven’t seen Cedric in a long time.

Sam Eckmann: Hope y’all watched The Mandalorian because the Emmys are out here spoiling the Luke reveal

Marcus James Dixon: There are a million people on this stage!

Daniel Montgomery: Since they presented this award first, Apple TV+ technically beat Netflix to a series award.

Charlie Bright: Zach Braff finally on the Emmy stage!

Rob Licuria: This is one of my favorite Emmys in YEARS.


Charlie Bright: Am I the only one strangely worried Hacks might take the big prize now?

David Buchanan: I found the graphics they used of actors overlaying the photos of their empty sets very moving.

Rob Licuria: That was an awesome in memoriam segment. Tears.

Tony Ruiz: Ed Asner, Cloris Leachman, Allan Burns…”The Mary Tyler Moore Show” lost a lot this year.

Charlie Bright: Beautiful choice to end with Michael K. Williams.

Daniel Montgomery: I agree, it’s a great musical selection and performance.

Tony Ruiz: I hate living in a world without Jessica Walter and Olympia Dukakis

Sam Eckmann: Leon Bridges’ “Take me to Your River” was a great choice for this segment. Stunning performance that also allows you to take in the sound bites from those who have passed

Tony Ruiz: FYI: the photo of Hal Holbrook during the In Memoriam shows him holding one of the dreaded Super Emmys.


Daniel Montgomery: I’m glad they had Renee give that speech. That was such a great speech. Can they retroactively make her a producer?

Charlie Bright: Hamilton winners: THE CURTAINS ARE COMING BACK UP! Delta & Mu variants: Hold my beer….

Marcus James Dixon: I love Renée Elise Goldsberry so, so much.

Chris Beachum: Remind me in a year not to trust the Creative Arts anymore.

Charlie Bright: Hamilton? Over it.

Sam Eckmann: Omg I love that Jennifer Coolidge is sitting at the Hamilton table!


Chris Beachum: It’s supposed to be part of the SAG contract that they are invited to present (part of a long-ago rule when they moved the guest stars to Creative Arts).

Marcus James Dixon: How come none of last week’s four guest acting winners are here tonight?

Tony Ruiz: Conan is the star of tonight’s show.

Chris Beachum: Is Conan O’Brien on stage?

Marcus James Dixon: Do Showtime and CBS share the win on this one?

Daniel Montgomery: I should have seen Colbert coming in this category. In a year with no certain favorite, they went with the guy they like.

VARIETY SPECIAL (LIVE): “Stephen Colbert’s Election Night 2020: Democracy’s Last Stand Building Back America Great Again Better 2020”

Kevin Jacobsen: Omg they showed Glenn doing Da Butt for the Oscars clip

Marcus James Dixon: Yep, after never happening in Emmy history, we have 7-7 sweeps two years in a row (Schitt’s Creek and The Crown). Craziness.

Daniel Montgomery: I think the Emmy system is due for another reform. Tonight shows that with peak TV being so fragmented and widespread, voters aren’t watching enough shows.

Charlie Bright: When I saw Ross’s reaction to the name in the envelope I was SURE that Mj had won

Luca Giliberti: I agree, Marcus. Tragic. Elisabeth Moss gave the performance of the year (though I never expected her to win).

Marcus James Dixon: The fourth season of The Handmaid’s Tale deserved much, much better than a historic 0-21 Emmy shut-out. Rolling my eyes big time.

Daniel Montgomery: I think “The Sopranos” had the most wins if not winners.

Chris Beachum: Which series has won the most for regular cast members (not guests)? The Crown now has 6 (Colman, Foy, O’Connor, Anderson, Menzies, Lithgow). Mary Tyler Moore Show had 6 (Moore, Asner, Knight, Harper, Leachman, White). Any with more than 6?

Daniel Montgomery: First show ever to win five acting Emmys in the same year. Poor Charles Dance, but I’m glad someone won who wasn’t on “The Crown.”

DRAMA ACTOR: Josh O’Connor (“The Crown”)

Luca Giliberti: Why do the men get clips??

Daniel Montgomery: When was the last time two actors have won for the same role in the same year, “Life with Judy Garland”?

Luca Giliberti: WHATTTT.

Charlie Bright: Holy crap Matt!

Marcus James Dixon: Matt Noble got it right! Wowzers.

Joyce Eng: LOL.

DRAMA ACTRESS: Olivia Colman (“The Crown”)

Chris Beachum: They had to abandon clips (like we predicted) due to time concerns.

Daniel Montgomery: Funny, as bad as my predictions have been tonight, the only one that truly surprised me was Tobias Menzies. A lot of these other races were close, even Ewan.

David Buchanan: Ewan felt like the default winner after WandaVision fell down at the Creative Arts.

Rob Licuria: Undoing was ROBBED this year. Stupid Emmy voters.

Marcus James Dixon: I’m wrong more than I’m right!

Sam Eckmann: And no offense to Ewan, who I’m a big fan of…but it’s kind of crazy that this win comes off of Taraji’s banter about “water cooler” moments.

Rob Licuria: Marcus, admit it. You know your stuff.

Marcus James Dixon: I made one longshot prediction this year and it just came true. Thanks Ewan for making me look smarter than I actually am.

Rob Licuria: And who does Hugh Grant have to blow to get an award??

Tony Ruiz: But this was a god awful win and performance.

Charlie Bright: I continue to not believe McGregor has a shot.

Rob Licuria: I agree Sam. It’s f**king bullshit.

Tony Ruiz: Wow…good on Marcus for being right.

Sam Eckmann: The snubbing of WandaVision is so uncalled for.

Rob Licuria: I give up. Ewan mcgregor. Really?!?

LIMITED/MOVIE ACTOR: Ewan McGregor (“Halston”)

Tony Ruiz: I’ve never been so happy to be wrong about a prediction. Kate Winslet gave one of the best performances of her career.

Marcus James Dixon: I miss the clips.

Rob Licuria: BREAKING NEWS: Mare of Easttown has won 3 of the acting prizes tonight. It’s coming for the big one.

Marcus James Dixon: So happy Kate won! So sad I switched to Anya after the Creative Arts.

Luca Giliberti: One of the best performances of the year. Thank god, Kate Winslet.

Sam Eckmann: Wow. I started with Anya and then I had Kate forever but switched back to Anya a couple days ago.

Rob Licuria: From now on, I’m listening to Riley. The creative arts emmys are not EVERYTHING.

LIMITED/MOVIE ACTRESS: Kate Winslet (“Mare of Easttown”)

Marcus James Dixon: “The Queen’s Gambit” can no longer tie or beat the all-time limited series record of 13 wins set by “John Adams.” If it wins both actress and series, that will be only 12.

Chris Beachum: In a very tough year (again), it’s great there has only been one no-show!

Tony Ruiz: I love a lot of the genuine emotion from the winners. Waddingham, Goldstein, Smart, Aniello, Coel, Frank…I love love love it when the win seems to really mean something.

Luca Giliberti: A very deserving win for Michaela Coel. Thank god we’re not getting a sweep.

Kevin Jacobsen: In one of the better years of limited series, Michaela Coel created the best. Even if she doesn’t get the top award, I’m so glad she won at least one.

Charlie Bright: Only thing better than Michaela Coel winning was hearing Patrick Stewart say her name!

Sam Eckmann: Now that’s how you read from a piece of paper.

Marcus James Dixon: Limited/Movie Actress is next. Anya vs. Kate. Nail-biter!

Rob Licuria: I’m so happy. I am going to do a IMDY rewatch.

Marcus James Dixon: OMG Michaela Coel! This is so well-deserved.

Rob Licuria: F**K. YES!!!!!!!!!


LIMITED/MOVIE WRITING: “I May Destroy You” – Michaela Coel

Chris Beachum: Patrick Stewart should have an Emmy!

Marcus James Dixon: Patrick Stewart never ages!

Riley Chow: At least there will be nothing left to say for the final award of the night.

Marcus James Dixon: It felt selfish and indulgent. He knows there are 27 categories tonight and everyone must share the time.

Chris Beachum: He knew his time limit AND wrote everything down. And still wrote a 3-minute speech for a 45-second slot.

Tony Ruiz: Let the winners talk for god’s sake!

Sam Eckmann: Oh my god…

Riley Chow: Scott Frank is not someone who attends awards shows!  He did not attend the Oscars when nominated, nor has he accepted for “The Queen’s Gambit” all season, despite being its writer/director/executive producer.

Rob Licuria: Get a big hook and drag him off.

Chris Beachum: Along with almost every viewer.

Marcus James Nixon: Seriously, I’m about ready to switch to another channel.

Rob Licuria: He’s now taking the piss.

Daniel Montgomery: No, stop playing people off period. It’s so sour.

Chris Beachum: He deserves to be played off.

Marcus James Nixon: People who read boringly from papers should be played off though.

Rob Licuria: The playing off needs to stop. F*** them.

Chris Beachum: I have the Creative Arts to thank for Thomas Brodie-Sangster.

Rob Licuria: As much as I think there were better limited series last season I’m still happy for Queens Gambit. Good on them.

Kevin Jacobsen: Oh god, that paper looks like it has a lot of words on it…

Chris Beachum: Put the paper away!! That’s the worst thing to do when accepting an award.

Marcus James Dixon: I have the Creative Arts to thank for switching to Scott Frank for directing.

LIMITED/MOVIE DIRECTING: “The Queen’s Gambit” – Scott Frank

Sam Eckmann: They had to make time for the fly bit, Daniel!

Daniel Montgomery: I can’t believe they had a clock on Debbie Allen in the first place. These Emmys don’t have respect for anybody accepting an award tonight.

Charlie Bright: LINE OF THE NIGHT!

Sam Eckmann: “Honey, turn that clock off!” Legend.

Charlie Bright: Debbie looks incredible at 71!


Sam Eckmann: And resulted in a room of people laughing their asses off while the man was trying to give a speech about diversity and inclusion…

Chris Beachum: That felt longer than the monologue.

Sam Eckmann: I want Debbie to do the opening number of Christmas on the Square or it’s a totally missed opportunity.

Joyce Eng: I will not stand for any Conan slander.

Daniel Montgomery: Nothing is worse than the fly bit.

Chris Beachum: This is worse by far than the fly bit.

Charlie Bright: The hell is Conan doing?


Marcus James Dixon: Standing O for Mama Ru!


Rob Licuria: Same.

Charlie Bright: I’m just hoping Bowen Yang gets all his steps in tonight.

Rob Licuria: I’m still getting over Goldstein winning. So happy!

Marcus James Dixon: I love how next year this category will be a battle between former SNL buddies Jason Sudeikis and Bill Hader. Bring it on!

Charlie Bright: Jennifer Coolidge’s existence is worthy of an Emmy.

Rob Licuria: Jennifer Coolidge is hopefully winning limited series supporting actress next year. She’s perfection.

Marcus James Dixon: So glad he didn’t wear a sweatshirt.

Chris Beachum: Jason and Jean helping all of our miserable scores.

COMEDY ACTOR: Jason Sudeikis (“Ted Lasso”)

Sam Eckmann: This QUEEN! My first genuine belly laugh of the night. She’s perfect

Kevin Jacobsen: That huge reaction just from her presenting is like when the crowd screamed for the Parasite cast at SAG. She’s absolutely coming next year.

Luca Giliberti: Jennifer Coolidge is definitely coming next year.

Sam Eckmann: Huge reaction for Jennifer Coolidge! We love to see it! Emmy nominee next year

David Buchanan: Also, a bit on the nose playing “Time to Say Goodbye” to give someone the boot…

David Buchanan: What a beautiful moment for Jean Smart.

Chris Beachum: Hasn’t Jean now won lead, supporting and guest for comedy? Has anybody else done that?

Daniel Montgomery: Playing off Jean Smart, can we please cancel whoever is pressing that button?

Luca Giliberti: The standing O was everything.

Marcus James Dixon: Here’s an idea: cut the fly bit and let Jean speak longer.

Chris Beachum: Best audience reaction and best speech of the night!!

Sam Eckmann: My god I love Jean Smart. Give her every role.

Kevin Jacobsen: I’m crying just from the standing ovation!

Charlie Bright: Why does Aidy Bryant look like a Christmas tree that’s still in a living room in February?

Rob Licuria: Emmy royalty.

Marcus James Dixon: Standing ovation for Jean!

COMEDY ACTRESS: Jean Smart (“Hacks”)

Sam Eckmann: Bowen Yang trying to get into a Marvel project!

Tony Ruiz: A bunch of rich folks complaining about not winning an Emmy.

Chris Beachum: We’re banning Tony. It was perfect.

Tony Ruiz: This is a really tone deaf sketch.

Sam Eckmann: That sketch was made for Gold Derby readers!

Marcus James Dixon: Dr. Phil knows more about how sweep-voting works than Rob does.

Daniel Montgomery: I’m gonna call it: Cause of this sketch’s death, Dr. Phil.

David Buchanan: Somebody please give Jason Alexander an Emmy vehicle.

Rob Licuria: He never won. So disappointing!

Marcus James Dixon: Jason Alexander is killing it!

Rob Licuria: It’s pretty good. Love Fred Savage!

Daniel Montgomery: Okay, Jason Alexander shouldn’t complain. He won a Daytime Emmy last year. It’s the same size and shape. It counts.

Chris Beachum: I like this so much!! Made for Emmy nerds only!

Sam Eckmann: Glad the Emmys are finally addressing the lack of “Buffy” noms with Alyson Hannigan. Though…the sketch is a little too long.

Daniel Montgomery: Okay, this sketch isn’t bad. Maybe it’s just because I like seeing Alyson Hannigan on TV — and yes, she should have an Emmy.

Rob Licuria: Here we go now with another sketch.

Sam Eckmann: After a charming Schitt’s Creek bit, the “all flies matter” one was…rough

Charlie Bright: Wow, a bit about the VP debate? Is a joke about Dukakis in a tank next?

Chris Beachum: Fly by far.

Marcus James Dixon: Which “comedy” bit was worse: Ken Jeong or the Mike Pence fly?

Sam Eckmann: So happy for Hacks. An incredible series that came out of nowhere at the end of the season.

Chris Beachum: Is this really a bit making fun of something from 11 months ago?

David Buchanan: Two terrific wins for Hacks!

Chris Beachum: Has there been a year with women winning comedy and drama directing?

Marcus James Dixon: Welcome to the Malcolm in the Middle club, Hacks!

Daniel Montgomery: If I’m not mistaken, Lucia Aniello is the 2nd woman to win writing and directing after Amy Sherman Palladino.

Chris Beachum: But most people had Flight Attendant because of the split.

Luca Giliberti: Yup, the three-way vote-split

COMEDY DIRECTING: “Hacks” (“There Is No Line”) – Lucia Aniello

Charlie Bright: Loved him on Broad City.

Joyce Eng: PWD was robbed of a supporting actor nom

Chris Beachum: After it wasn’t on several other categories.

Charlie Bright: Love Paul W. Downs!

Sam Eckmann: Yay! Some variety in winners. Hacks is incredible.

Chris Beachum: Vote splitting is a thing again.

Luca Giliberti: Yes, yes, yes to Hacks!!! I changed to it today. Excellent choice!

Marcus James Dixon: Ted Lasso just vote-split itself out of an easy win

COMEDY WRITING: “Hacks” (“There Is No Line”) – Lucia Aniello, Paul W. Downs & Jen Statsky

Daniel Montgomery: I’m mixed on that bit.

Marcus James Dixon: The bit kinda worked and kinda didn’t

Chris Beachum: Funniest presenters of the night!

Kevin Jacobsen: I missed these beautiful people!

Sam Eckmann: This reminds me: I want Catherine O’Hara in another show STAT!

Charlie Bright: I KNOW!

Chris Beachum: Where is Primal when you need it, Charlie?

Charlie Bright: I will say, I’m really digging the show. Not digging my crappy predictions percentage.

Chris Beachum: The show is moving fast… 11 categories in just over an hour.

Riley Chow: Onto the Nobleboard!

Charlie Bright: SHAME MARCUS

Marcus James Dixon: Game of Thrones is up to 60 now thanks to Hannah Waddingham. IT COUNTS!

Chris Beachum: That is the 92nd Emmy win by SNL. The next closest show was Game of Thrones with 59.

Sam Eckmann: Lol at the stage crew member walking into the shot!

Sam Eckmann: Bowen Yang’s shoes should win an Emmy for best supporting accessory in an awards show

Charlie Bright: Anyone else loving Bowen Yang’s platforms?

Rob Licuria: I did like his Joe Rohan swag bag comment though.

Daniel Montgomery: Robin Thede’s reaction to losing was a better bit than Ken Jeong, and she didn’t even have to say a word

Riley Chow: Where is “How to with John Wilson”?

Kevin Jacobsen: OMG Robin Thede just stole the Emmys with that reaction

Tony Ruiz: To be fair, I wouldn’t let Ken Jeong in anywhere either

Rob Licuria: If they play off anymore winners, let’s storm the Capitol.

VARIETY SKETCH SERIES: “Saturday Night Live”

Chris Beachum: Well, the good/bad/ugly item now has an ugly.

Luca Giliberti: Terrible.

Sam Eckmann: Good grief

Charlie Bright: Oh Christ. A Ken Jeong bit.

Marcus James Dixon: I would have died if John Oliver invited Conan up on the stage. Missed opportunity!

Rob Licuria: But if they really love a show, why not? It’s not a participation trophy contest. It’s what a plurality of voters loved the most.

Kevin Jacobsen: Groundbreaking.

Chris Beachum: BORING! X2

VARIETY TALK SERIES: “Last Week Tonight with John Oliver”

Daniel Montgomery: It’s not about “The Crown” specifically so much as it is the way voting sweeps happen now. There’s more variety on television than you’d know from watching the Emmys the last two or three years.

Rob Licuria: You people are mean and horrible. Menzies is the greatest living actor of our generation. OK I’m kidding but stop talking in absolutes. It’s a subjectivity contest. People love The Crown. They love the actors. Get over it.

VARIETY SERIES WRITING: “Last Week Tonight with John Oliver”

Daniel Montgomery: I agree with Sam: there’s too much good TV on right now for there to be sweeps this dominant. It just feels like most of the academy watches two or three shows and just gives them everything

Sam Eckmann: Presenters: everyone should know the name of variety show writers; Emmys: doesn’t say their names

Marcus James Dixon: Wait whyyy are they not doing the funny presentation to announce all of the variety writing nominees? That’s always one of the best parts of the Emmys!

Luca Giliberti: Fact. Voters did not watch any other dramas this year, unfortunately. But I wonder how this bodes for The Crown going forward at the Emmys.

Chris Beachum: If any one of those other nominees had been on The Crown and Menzies on another show, that person would have won too.

Riley Chow: Least-deserving win since… last week with Claire Foy.

Marcus James Dixon: Outlander fans everywhere are freaking out

Charlie Bright: Lockdown madness has gotten to you Rob

Rob Licuria: I’m not. Have you watched it carefully I did. Twice. I interviewed him. I thought about it. It’s an incredible performance. Byeeeee.

Chris Rosen: I still think Menzies submitted the wrong episode, shows what I know

Riley Chow: I did watch “Moondust”, but that was a different Emmy cycle.

Rob Licuria: This is now in my Claire Foy, Handmaids s1 and Homeland wins predix bragging rights.

Charlie Bright: Oh come on Rob! You must be on PCP to think that

Rob Licuria: Menzies is not a check-off win though. He’s deserving. Watch his episode.

Daniel Montgomery: If “The Crown” clean sweeps, it’ll be the first show to win five acting Emmys in one year. Even “Schitt’s Creek” didn’t do that

Sam Eckmann: There are more quality series being produced now than ever in history. So it’s pretty boring when they check off the same show down the line

Christopher Rosen: Seems likely now, Charles Dance must feel pretty badly for keeping the cast from 6 for 6.

Chris Beachum: Ted Lasso and Crown are in full name-check sweep mode, but limited could now be Gambit or Mare.

Marcus James Dixon: Seems rather likely yep

Riley Chow: Rob is the only editor OR expert with Menzies.

Rob Licuria: It’s happening.

Charlie Bright: Is it that out of the question that The Crown could do exactly what Schitt’s Creek did last year?

Chris Beachum: The last posthumous acting Emmy was Raul Julia in 1995??

Charles Bright: Although the surprises are because of sweeps rather than complete out of nowhere surprises.

Daniel Montgomery: Man, voters just seem to be checking names off

Christopher Rosen: I had Tobias Menzies for weeks and weeks and switched off, facepalm.

Charlie Bright: I don’t know if it’s my predictions alone but I’m feeling a lot of similarities to 2013.

Kevin Jacobsen: Emmy voters said “We’ve seen three (3) shows”

Sam Eckmann: Can’t believe neither Michael K Williams or Giancarlo Esposito won.

Marcus James Dixon: You could feel the energy in the room disappear when his name was called

Rob Licuria: Woohoo CONGRATS Tobias Menzies!!!!!

Chris Beachum: Rob got it right!

DRAMA SUPPORTING ACTOR: Tobias Menzies (“The Crown”)

Kevin Jacobsen: Teared up a little just at that Michael K. Williams clip. What a crushing loss.

Marcus James Dixon: So well-deserved, Gillian!

Luca Giliberti: The energy in that Crown bar is amazing.

DRAMA SUPPORTING ACTRESS: Gillian Anderson (“The Crown”)

Chris Beachum: The ceremony is on CBS, so Colbert is there presenting of course. I’m stunned James Corden isn’t a presenter.

Kevin Jacobsen: I’m still reeling from the Beyonce Tiffany’s commercial idk about y’all

Riley Chow: Only editor to get that one too!

Rob Licuria: I’m loving the show so far though. But we shouldn’t be playing off winners if we have to waste time with Cedric doing a baby shark sketch.

Charlie Bright: I’m booing whenever I get something wrong. I don’t care if it’s in bad taste.

Joyce Eng: she’s the fourth.

Chris Beachum: How many women have won this category?

Rob Licuria: I’ll do a Charles Bright after Margo Martindale won. Hahn losing was bad enough.

Chris Beachum: Or your cat.

Marcus James Dixon: Gillian Anderson’s category is next. If she loses I’m going to throw my phone at my television.

Luca Giliberti: Fun fact: We predicted Succession’s finale last year over the third episode (Hunting); this year, we predicted The Crown’s third episode over the finale. Both were wrong.

Chris Beachum: There’s a category every year where the award goes to the opposite from a show we are predicting.

Rob Licuria: Riley you have been on the money so far!

DRAMA DIRECTING: “The Crown” (“War”) – Jessica Hobbs

Riley Chow: I like how the director was faster than Peter Morgan.

Kevin Jacobsen: This is somehow Peter Morgan’s first writing win for The Crown!

DRAMA WRITING: “The Crown” (“War”) – Peter Morgan

Riley Chow: So true, Chris!

Rob Licuria: I love the clips. I love the look and feel of the show. I love the intimate setting. I love Cedric. Some surprises are welcome. Gutted for Kathryn Hahn.

Chris Beachum: The only real negative for the show’s producers: they are not showing the nominees in the audience. I always like seeing who is there and their reactions, but none of that this year.

Riley Chow: Good news for Bo!

Kevin Jacobsen: Justice after years of AHS snubs!

Marcus James Dixon: Sooo happy for Evan! He’s been cruelly snubbed for an entire decade. #justice

Daniel Montgomery: I wonder if this is a good sign for “Mare” or if “Mare” is just this year’s “Godless”

Joyce Eng: So happy for Drunk Zabes

Luca Giliberti: After so many years of excellent work, Evan Peters deserved this. I am beyond happy.

Chris Beachum: So Kate Winslet is winning later?

LIMITED/MOVIE SUPPORTING ACTOR: Evan Peters (“Mare of Easttown”)

Riley Chow: I did not.  I was concerned about screeners not going out.

Marcus James Dixon: I got Hidden Figures right at the SAG Awards.

Riley Chow: Only one in the Editors tab to get that right!

Daniel Montgomery: Goody, the producers started playing her off just as she was talking about persecuted women in Texas and Afghanistan. Classy look, Emmys

Sam Eckmann: Julianne Nicholson has been an unsung actress for years and deserves lots of praise….but did anyone have a more talked about performance than Kathryn Hahn this year?

Rob Licuria: Nope.

Marcus James Dixon: Don’t get me wrong, I am gutted for Kathryn Hahn losing. But this is so, so right.

Tony Ruiz: The absolute best performance won!!! Julianne!!

Rob Licuria: The best performance did not win. Eyeroll.

Daniel Montgomery: So so so so so happy Julianne Nicholson finally has an Emmy. This should be her second or third Emmy at this point

Luca Giliberti: The best performance won. I am so, so happy.

Sam Eckmann: Watch it Marcus

Charlie Bright: Looks like it wasn’t Agatha all along

Marcus James Dixon: I can’t believe it!!! The best performance won. Congrats Julianne!

LIMITED/MOVIE SUPPORTING ACTRESS: Julianne Nicholson (“Mare of Easttown”)

Kevin Jacobsen: No complaints yet. Let’s live in this happiness, I’m sure it won’t last.

Chris Beachum: With this close-up setting, it makes everything more fun, relaxed and cordial.

Marcus James Dixon: You can tell that everyone in the room has his back 100%. Love that.

Chris Beachum: Cedric is excellent!

Sam Eckmann; And the monologue is actually relaxed and funny!

Chris Beachum: I like them giving out 2 awards and then having the monologue later.

Sam Eckmann: Is Dolly attending? Cedric is gonna call her vaccine “Macy’s” right in front of her?

Riley Chow: I am watching online on an unofficial feed that keeps cutting out, so this stuff about swearing and/or bleeping is news to me!

Luca Giliberti: I am watching from a German channel, which doesn’t bleep out anything. I guess I am lucky.

Daniel Montgomery: Honestly, you can swear on basic cable these days. Just let the swearing fly. Does the FCC really still care?

Charlie Bright: I need the Emmys on HBO so I can hear uncut acceptance speeches

Tony Ruiz: I love seeing the winners going back to their seat and hugging everyone

Marcus James Dixon: We hate the swearing.

Luca Giliberti: We love the swearing.

Kevin Jacobsen: Boom! No vote splitting there!

COMEDY SUPPORTING ACTOR: Brett Goldstein (“Ted Lasso”)

Charlie Bright: Hannah Waddingham’s speech is EVERYTHING I’ve been missing about awards shows over the past year and a half.

Tony Ruiz: How many times is Brett Goldstein going to be shirtless tonight

Tony Ruiz: Hannah is a perfect reason why most musical theatre performers need more roles on television

Sam Eckmann: And she looks stunning. And gave a great shout out to musical theatre performers! Go Hannah!

Luca Giliberti: How do you not love Hannah Waddingham? This speech is so wonderful.

Marcus James Dixon: From “Shame” nun to Emmy winner. Love it!

Tony Ruiz: I’ve loved Hannah Waddingham for 15 years. And this speech proves why!

Daniel Montgomery: A moment to notice how Lena Headey’s “Shame” nun won an Emmy before Lena did

Chris Beachum: Jason Sudeikis is not wearing a hoodie!

Tony Ruiz: Of course, Rogen can’t pronounce anything

Kevin Jacobsen: Did he say Waddington?

COMEDY SUPPORTING ACTRESS: Hannah Waddingham (“Ted Lasso”)

Chris Beachum: They’ll abandon clips by the halfway point.

Daniel Montgomery: I do appreciate Seth Rogen saying what I was thinking about how these Emmys sure do look like a big, crowded indoor event with no masks

Tony Ruiz: Clips!!! Thank God!

Marcus James Dixon: I wonder how long these clips will last? Hopefully all night!

Luca Giliberti: Clips!

Chris Beachum: First award at the 6-minute mark! Record time for the Emmys.

Marcus James Dixon: Seth Rogen’s suit is the ugliest thing I’ve ever seen.

Sam Eckmann: Now that the Globes are cancelled, I’m so glad to see all these other awards shows adopt the dinner table setup. Much more social and more fun!

Tony Ruiz: Did I just see Rita Wilson rap?

Marcus James Dixon: I love the dinner tables set-up! But I thought the Golden Globes were canceled?

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