Editors’ morning-after Emmys slugfest: Our favorite moments (Evan Peters, Julianne Nicholson) and why voting system needs ‘overhaul’ [WATCH]

The morning after the 2021 Emmys were handed out on CBS, Gold Derby senior editors Marcus James Dixon and Daniel Montgomery were joined by contributors Denton Davidson and David Buchanan to talk all about the winners and losers. What were their favorite (and least favorite) moments of the ceremony? Which champions gave the best acceptance speeches? How did Cedric the Entertainer do as a first-time Emmy host? For all of that and more, watch our editors’ morning-after 2021 Emmys video slugfest above.

Dixon thought Evan Peters‘ victory for “Mare of Easttown” in Best Movie/Limited Supporting Actor was the best win of the night. “He’s been snubbed many times for roles he should have gotten in for,” Dixon noted about the “American Horror Story” star. “But it was not a slam dunk that he would win … This was a tough category and I’m so glad he won and his speech was great.”

Montgomery’s personal highlight of the show was Julianne Nicholson (“Mare Of Easttown”) claiming the trophy for Best Movie/Limited Supporting Actress. “It’s so, so great,” he smiled. “I feel like she has been one of the best actresses of the last 20 years and she has never really gotten her due, so this was an overdue first nomination and an overdue first win … She should have won another one for ‘Masters of Sex’ several years ago.”

Davidson’s favorite victory of the evening was Michaela Coel (“I May Destroy You”) for Best Movie/Limited Writing. He explained, “The way the sweeps were happening, I was starting to be concerned if she would win or if that show would win anything. So I was just happy that it did and it had her name on it, because I thought that series was so groundbreaking. She was so fantastic in it, I would have been happy if she won Best Actress.”

And Buchanan loved that the “Hacks” episode “There Is No Line” pulled off an upset in both Best Comedy Writing and Best Comedy Directing. “I was really worried that we were gonna see a ‘Ted Lasso’ sweep like ‘Schitt’s Creek’ last year. Just worried in the sense that the sweeps are a little tiring and it’s nice to see variety in winners. I was so thrilled for ‘Hacks’ win … and they gave such great heartfelt speeches.”

Speaking of the sweep voting, Montgomery thinks it’s high time “to overhaul this voting system again.” The Emmys went from the small jury panels, which would sometimes reward “weird but great” winners, to mass voting where every member of a branch can vote for their peers without having to prove that they’ve watched all of the nominees. “There’s so much splintering that unless you’re one of a few high-profile shows, there’s gonna be not enough support for anyone else,” he said. That’s what helped “Schitt’s Creek” and “The Crown” make history the past two years by going seven-for-seven at the Primetime Emmys.

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